Hario V60 Size 2 vs 3: Which Size to Get?

Ever pondered the perfect size for your Hario V60? 

Today, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of the Hario V60 sizes 2 and 3. 

We’re here to guide you through the world of coffee bed sizes, filter paper preferences, and that delightful brew time. 

Let’s unveil which size—2 or 3—will be your brewing champion for that ultimate, steaming cup of joy. 

Ready to brew up some wisdom? 

Hario V60 Size 2: An Overview

Pour-over Coffee at Home

The Hario V60 Size 2, a popular coffee dripper, stands as a versatile choice for brewing 1 to 4 cups of coffee, ideal for both personal use and small group settings. Its design accommodates medium to fine grind sizes, enabling a customizable brewing experience as well. 

As such, this cone is constructed for serving versatility, suited for various quantities of coffee, showcasing adaptability and practicality for medium-sized brewing needs.

Key Features

  • Versatile size suitable for 1 to 4 cups.
  • Compatibility with medium to fine grind sizes.
  • Portability due to its plastic make, ideal for travel and on-the-go brewing.
  • User-friendly, offering control over brew time and temperature.
  • Accommodates different filter types for a refined brewing process.

Who Is It For

Ideal for individuals or small groups seeking a versatile brewing solution. Also suitable for those desiring a customizable brewing experience and serving various quantities of coffee without compromising on quality.

How to Use It

We all know how vital it is to use your coffee maker properly! Take a closer look at how to make the perfect cup of Joe with the Hario V60 Size 2:

Optimal Brew Amount

Best suited for 240-480 ml of coffee, providing an optimal brew ratio of 1:16, ensuring a balanced and flavorful cup.

Suitable Amount of Grounds

The Size 2 recommends 15-30 grams of grounds for its 240-480 ml brewing range. It’s how you get an optimal brewing experience without compromise.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile and practical serving capacity.
  • Customizable brewing experience.
  • Portability for travel or on-the-go brewing.


  • May provide more agitation in smaller batches.
  • Can lead to slower brew times with excessive grounds.

Hario V60 Size 3: An Overview

The Hario V60 Size 3 stands as the go-to coffee dripper for larger quantities, tailored to brew 1 to 6 cups of coffee in a single pour-over.


Here’s why this cone can brew larger servings easily:

It’s made with distinct design features, such as extended spiral ribs, a larger drainage hole, a taller rim, and heightened thermal mass compared to smaller V60s.

Key Features

  • Design features tailored for larger brewing capacity.
  • Increased thermal mass and larger drainage hole.
  • Simplicity in operation and control over the brewing process.
  • Well-suited for the immersion method with a medium to fine grind, producing a well-balanced cup of coffee.

Who Is It For

Ideal for coffee enthusiasts looking to brew larger quantities without compromising quality (indoor coffee run at the office anyone?). It’s just as perfect for those of you seeking a hassle-free brewing experience while preparing coffee for multiple individuals.

How to Use It

Here’s how to brew as many cups of coffee as you’d need using the handy V60 Size 3:

Optimal Brew Amount

Aimed at brewing approximately 600 ml to 1,200 ml of coffee, making it perfect for serving multiple cups at a go.

Pouring hot water over the coffee powder to make drip coffee

Suitable Amount of Grounds

Recommends 25-60 grams of coffee grounds for brewing 400-960 ml of coffee, ensuring an optimal balance for a quality brew.

Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for serving larger quantities, perfect for multiple-cup brews.
  • Offers simplicity and control over the brewing process.
  • Well-suited for immersion method and medium to fine grinds.


  • Unless preparing larger quantities regularly, smaller sizes might be more suitable.
  • Requires precision in grind size and brewing technique for the best results.

Hario V60 Size 2 vs 3: Does Size Even Matter?

Absolutely! The size of your pour-over dripper indeed plays a substantial role in the coffee brewing process. 

Whether you opt for the Hario V60 Size 2 or the Size 3, the volume capacity influences the taste and the very method of brewing. Here’s how:

Larger drippers command a higher ratio of coffee and water, tweaking the contact time between the water and the grounds. 

Conversely, smaller drippers, like the Size 2, might require adjusting the kettle’s position and encounter quicker flow due to a larger hole—all influencing taste and extraction.

Additionally, the various V60 sizes, despite their shared structure, exhibit distinct brewing behaviors. For example:

We brew smaller batches in the Size 2, where the placement of the grounds affects the spout agitation and the heat absorption from the water. This ultimately impacts the extraction process and taste too. 

So, the verdict is in: size indeed matters if you prefer pour-over brewing. Take it from us, it will influence the taste and characteristics of your brewed coffee!

Hario V60: How to Pick the Best Hario V60 Coffee Filters

Person Brewing Coffee with Dripper

Choosing the best Hario V60 coffee filters can be as crucial as selecting the brewer itself! 

These filters come in various sizes designed to match the V60 dripper you’re using. The conical shape and pointed tip are crafted to ensure a smooth brewing experience, free from any unwanted paper taste.

When it comes to material, some swear by the bleached filters for a better taste and performance, while others prefer the natural ones. Ultimately, your personal preference will guide you to the perfect match for your Hario V60.

Want to learn how to make coffee without worrying about a filter? Check out our simple guide!

The Verdict: Hario V60 Size 2 vs 3

Here’s the scoop on the brewing battle between the Hario V60 Size 2 and Size 3: 

The Size 2 bags a win for its versatility, fitting the bill for 1 to 4 cups with its adaptable nature. Size 3, a heavyweight in brewing larger quantities, suits the crowd-loving coffee commanders. 

But, if you’re a versatile coffee wizard aiming for flexibility and personal servings, Size 2 struts ahead. While both sizes hold their ground, the Size 2 edges it for its adaptable charm. 

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