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I don’t know exactly what inspired me to create this website, but I think the impetus for it started in 2012 when I first got married and received a new (or gently used? We like to use the term “pre-owned”) Keurig as a gift. I believe it was one of the early to mid-2000s models to be a B70. Or possibly B75. It was black and had a slightly high-end look to it. And it ran like a top.

Yep, pretty solid maker, but then this problem cropped up in which the reservoir developed a hairline crack, rendering use difficult without a mess. When I was informed that a soldering tool could have repaired the hairline crack, it ended up in the donation bin.

Now I am kicking myself as I found out later that Amazon carries replacement water reservoirs for this and related models discontinued in the big-box retailer world (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.) Undaunted, I knew I still wanted another Keurig…

So I started thinking about the model I wanted to replace it with. By that time, there were not just Keurig but other familiar household brands jumping onto the single-serve bandwagon. How would I know which one would suit my needs and not become a disappointment?

In other words, I was right where you are now. Lots of these pod brewers on the market with all these different features…some good, some unnecessary, and some with lots of bells and whistles.  I realized I had a whole market to explore. So I started doing some reading and recording my findings. I thought about my own lifestyle.

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For one, my husband was not all that enamored with coffee…he did profess to love the smell of it, though, which meant that I was the sole coffee drinker in the household. I finally decided on the K10 Mini Plus based on my needs and market research.

I picked it for reasons of practicality first, style and appearance second. First, I’m not entertaining much, so the lack of a reservoir is not an issue. I keep it in my office, where it is always nearby, and its size is just right.

So in 2015, I started this site to address all these questions you may have that are exactly the kind you may be asking right now. Questions such as –  What size brewer is right for me? Do I really need to use filtered water? And what about the coffee pods…do I always need to use them, or is there another way?

Oh, and yes, I still own a drip maker; always nice to have it as a backup. Don’t shoot the messenger; I have an axiom about appliances in this household: If it still works, keep it! Better to have it and not need it much than to need something and not have it.

When it comes to appliance niches, this one happens to be my favorite of them all. And when it comes to appliances, there can be so much grief when we go shopping with too much tunnel vision. Have you ever bought something-perhaps a houseware item but not something electrical-upon receipt and use, though, somehow it didn’t exactly match your expectations?

However, it still had some excellent qualities, and you didn’t want to deal with the hassle of returning it as it didn’t seem to be worth the trouble when it came to the shipping fees incurred. Yep, I’ve been there.

However, if the item in question is an appliance, it could be something like a toaster oven, electric mixer, or hair dryer; the last thing you want to do is just “make the best of it” if the firing mechanism is off. Darn it, you want that thing replaced, and a malfunctioning appliance is about as useless as a chocolate teapot.

Our Mission

Comments and suggestions are always welcomed (and encouraged!) as long as they are helpful and constructive. Feel free to drop me a line to ask something, request some info, or do a big shout-out! I will respect your privacy in all communications. One way I can be reached is through my contact form, and another way is through social media.

If you have heard of a product and want to bring it to my attention, I’m all eyes and ears. And remember, there are no “stupid questions” (or people).

My promise to you is that the information presented here on this niche site was written with the deep-seated concerns of the consumers in mind and that the good, the not-so-good, and the downright bad are presented here with no attempts at sugar-coating; you owe it to yourself to get as the famous line from Dirty Harry says: “Just the facts, ma’am.” Sometimes wrong purchases go beyond mere inconveniences; there can be some significant bugaboo that ruins the party for good.

So I’m glad you’re here…and good luck as you search for your new favorite machine!

About Our Reviews – 40 and Still Going Strong!

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To date, we have created well over 40 reviews of popular and new single serve coffeemakers and are always keeping our eyes peeled for new releases, brewer model discontinuations, and pertinent information related to the industry. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it – somebody who enjoys reading, writing and coffee, that is 😁 And sometimes it takes a good bit of coffee to persist long hours as I conduct my research. I always got straight A’s in reading and writing, so it is no surprise.

The labor of love that produces our coffeemaker reviews involves a great deal of reading, research, testing, and evaluating, in that order. I read manuals, I read consumer reviews, articles, you know, all of that “fine print” that is important but is easy to brush aside. After all, when you are going to part with hard-earned coin of the realm you want to avoid having to deal with all of that laborious work and just cut to the chase of “the best” when it comes to selecting a brewer for the home, office, RV, kitchenette, or dorm.

At times, my research takes me to visiting the respective model’s retail venues ( Best Buy, Kroger, Walmart, etc.) whenever feasible, in which case I am able to better grasp the nuances of buttons, touchscreens, and water tanks more easily. Sometimes it takes getting “up close and personal” as they say, before I record my findings.

Honest Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews…From Someone Who’s “Bean” There!

Hopefully, that doesn’t sound too cheesy. We take our research seriously in the evaluation of various coffee maker models, factoring in things like performance, reliability and, yes, value for the money.
Our process includes hands-on research, close-up testing and evaluation, and consumer, friend, family and manufacturer inquiries. “Spilling the beans” on what makes different models tick is a lengthy process, albeit an enjoyable one.

We at Best Coffee Makers Info sincerely hope you enjoy visiting and that we answered some burning questions, provided insight, or helped you to find that dream machine! And if you do have questions that didn’t get answered –shoot me an email! I’m always happy to provide feedback and do what i can to offer the right assistance.

Have questions or concerns?

We’re always happy to take requests if you’re thinking of a model that has not been reviewed yet here… drop us a line in the Comments, or you can use our handy Contact form, and we will try to respond as quickly as we can.

But overall, your queries are important to us so we included a handy guide that covers many topics, everything from water purity issues to general maintenance of the respective coffee makers.

Found an error in something I mentioned? Most likely, it was an oversight…If so, please bring it to my attention so I can correct it. ..we want to make our readers’ experience as worthwhile as possible. Although I strive to ensure the info here is up to date and pertinent, we are human and occasionally make mistakes.

Once again, we hope this will be a valuable resource for you when considering the purchase of a new single-cup coffee maker that will bring you enjoyment for years to come. Here’s to many happy brews!

Best Wishes,

“Java Jennifer”

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