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A young woman selling coffee beans

Why Coffee Smells Like Tuna: Unraveling the Aromatic Mystery

There’s a comforting ritual in preparing a cup of fresh coffee. A familiar dance of fragrant beans, hot water, and anticipation. Yet, what happens when this symphony of scents takes an unexpected turn, and your coffee smells like tuna? Such a peculiar puzzle has confused coffee enthusiasts around the globe. In this journey, we embark…

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A woman drinking bad coffee

Why Does My Coffee Taste Like Soap?

Unlock the secrets to better coffee and find out the answer to your question: “Why does my coffee taste like soap?” Learn some easy fixes to have the perfect coffee.
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Advice for Coffee Lovers

Needs some hints and tips on how to fix your brewer, or advice on how to improve your daily coffee ritual, you’ve come to the right place.

keurig leaking from bottom

Keurig Leaking Water From Bottom

Is Your Keurig Leaking Water From the Bottom? Oh no – that fear and dread you feel when you realize that there is water in a puddle on the kitchen countertop….coming from where?  The coffeemaker, that’s where…now what? First off, don’t panic….(although we’ve all kind of gone there.) So once you know it’s sprung a…

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Considering a new coffee maker or would like to repair an old machine?

What started as coffee machine reviews has evolved into information on everything coffee makers, including fixing old machines, brand comparisons and much more

Best Mushroom Coffee

Best Mushroom Coffee

Today, we’re talking about all things mushroom coffee. Now, you may already have been introduced to mushroom coffee, if you’re looking for the best brands.
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