Is iCoffee Out of Business? Your Concerns May Be Confirmed

iCoffeeIs iCoffee Out of Business? All Signs Point To…Probably Yes

This question has been asked and  I’ve been asking that too.

Have you been trying to get some assistance for a reprobate iCoffee brewer, but were met with resistance? Called the help number on the included manual for starters, and got nowhere.

You’re probably thinking at this point-“Oh beans!” That ain’t good! Whether you happen to own an iCoffee machine (not just the DaVinci but one of their other models too) it’s no fun to be left hanging.

Something has definitely been rotten in Denmark lately if you have been trying to reach out and get some assistance. There has been a lot of talk about not getting ahold of the company for love or money and chances are the company has gone AWOL.

I found out that I had a broken link on here and it was to the company website. Now it’s just a splash page full of beans. Dang if that didn’t set off some weird alarm bells. After all, last summer iCoffee had a gorgeous website in place complete with videos, advice, accessories, and tutorials.

Boy doesn’t that stink! Going back Io see if anything had changed I got an error page that said “This page isn’t working”  Case closed.

If you were looking for guidance you may have Googled the contact number – which I found easily. I was also able to locate a pdf manual and the same phone number is on there too. There is some information on page 11 that says:

if you want to register your brewer warranty you can visit their website. If you want to receive warranty service you would need to visit their website and navigate to the service link to obtain an ATR (Authorization Return Number)”

Which you can’t do because, well, see the earlier paragraph. Now if you tried to call you might have gotten a recorded message. Just out of curiosity, I dialled that number and I got a recorded greeting that stated their office hours, and the best time to reach them during Pacific time, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you on our next business day. I waited for the chime and it said “Mailbox is full”

Earlier on (this spring) I discovered that people were getting a recorded message that said in so many words “We are out of warranty coffee makers”

Did something like this happen to you recently? If so, I feel you – I don’t want to bash the company or anything or spread rumours but it certainly looks like trouble has been brewing (no pun intended) and apparently it has been ongoing as it was November 2017 when I first took notice of the above scenario.

Now I have overheard something about them coming up with a newly remodelled brewer this year but don’t quote me for sure. If that does happen to be true the lengthy absence may put people off anyway from being interested.

So if you have got a defective brewer what can you do right now?

If you’re having pump problems

One pump-unclogging hack I have read about may work on other models too…By disconnecting the water hose and blowing canned air (product also labelled as “computer duster”) into the hose opening some people have been able to unblock their brewer pump.

Finding replacement parts

It sucks when your brewer needs just one part to go back to functioning normally and locating it can be tough especially with something no longer manufactured. The best place I have found to locate iCoffee accessories and replacement parts have been on eBay. Not every model will have every part, but bookmark the page anyway – you just never know when the thing you need will become available!

==>> See all spare parts for your iCoffee right HERE

Resetting the brewer

Another issue is with resetting the brewer, the advice in the video below has helped people out too. The Mozart is either the model immediately before or after the DaVinci (and some people in the comments said it worked for the DaVinci -in cases that it did not work it meant that the inner parts were, well, kaput. )

Brewer dies prematurely

These are the worst-case scenarios, and this is the stage of the game that is pretty much, game over. It is understandably, the reports of this that put people off taking a chance.

Truth be told, sometimes you have to vote with your wallet, or your feet (which is it?) Now don’t get me wrong…I thought the SteamBrew technology was an AWESOME concept…getting the French press experience in a single cup machine….but it looks like people are getting steamed up instead 🙁

Anyway, we understand your frustration and created this post to let you know what’s been going on…Any further updates I will be happy to share!

For an alternative to the iCoffee check out our Keurig Elite review

128 thoughts on “Is iCoffee Out of Business? Your Concerns May Be Confirmed”

  1. I have to agree with the people that say this is the “Best Coffee Maker Ever”. It truly is. I have bought 3 of these machines, One for my mother, one for my GF and one for me. Seven years and all 3 are still functioning as they should. Not one problem. Love iCoffee machines.

    1. Hey Terry, A lot of people would agree, its a shame they are no longer available.

    2. I inherited my iCoffee when my mom passed. It shipped to me along with some furniture, her iMac and a beautiful Thomas Kincaide from California to Tennessee in 2019. The machine is still growing strong in 2024. The only fault I can find is the Dial a brew rubber spin button is tacky feeling. It doesn’t bother me as an owner who keeps it clean but for my guests it might feel a little weird.

      I am not one to toss things that are still functional so my chubby, slightly tacky machine sits proudly on my counter brewing cup after cup since 2017.

      Curiously, I recently found the paperwork on her purchase. She had to take the coffee maker back twice and the machine I have is her 3rd one! She bought the first 2/7/16 for $139.99 at the Seal Beach Bed Bath & Beyond for $139.99. She used one of this awesome BBB 20% off coupons. ( Who else has piles of those coupons still ready to go even though all the stores are no longer around?)

      Mom ended up returning the machine 2 times and the machine I have is from 6/6/17. So it is no wonder they went out of business. Damn China making those crappy parts. I note from the brochure iCoffee was a Remington product from Valencia, CA.

      Well I wonder how long my machine will last? I used to turn it off right after using it but have been leaving it on quite often and it hasn’t faltered once. It still brews a decent cup of coffee.

      I use San Francisco Bay French Roast pods (100 ct) bought at Costco. But they seem to be phasing out the brand lately. I can still find the brand on Amazon but not in the same quality or price.

      I do have generic refillable K-cups but dealing with the grounds is annoying and messy. (I’m curious if any one is using those-kudos to you and your thriftiness!)

      Thanks Remington ICoffee and to mom for the coffee maker which gets me going every morning. I have my mom to think for my similar persistence, business sense and a tough work ethic traits.

      Be well.

  2. I had the coffee/OPUS since 2015 and it is now 2022, It served coffee faithfully but this week finally failed to fill the coffee cup to the amount requested. Maybe I failed the coffeemaker because I wasn’t descaling it regularly enough. Went to purchase a new single serve coffeemaker and discovered that Keurig now has a monopoly on the product. So I had no choice but to purchase a Keurig, sorry about that icoffee. I hope Keurig serves me as well as you did for seven years.

  3. Michael Fox

    OK first let me tell you about my Kuerig – I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ONE AGAIN. In a span of three years we purchased/returned/repurchased etc.4 – I say again 4 in just three years. That was all 6 years ago. we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased the iCoffee spin brew – I cannot recall which one – and since then (the last almost 7 years) we have not had ONE SINGLE problem. This little iCoffee brewer is the best machine we have ever owned and NEVER had problem one. I had heard that they were going out of business so we contacted them (yes we were able to) and got ahold of a very talkative employee. She had been with the company since the beginning and informed us that the pumps and electronics were the biggest problem. Those parts were from china and by the time they realized all their problems could be rectified by using American pumps and electronics it was too late. She informed us that their design was actually better than the Kuerig but hoped to save money using Chinese parts. As she was about to loose her job she was almost in tears because she loved the company and really wishes they had NEVER used Chinese parts.

    So there is the story as I got it from an employee that true loved the company. I hope my iCoffee lasts forever as it has so far.

    Good luck and ;God Bless to all. Michael

    1. Michael, a big thank you for sharing your story. Wow…I had no idea! I guess I’m just thankful that my Keurig has had its 5th birthday and still performs just fine. I’m happy to hear that your iCoffee is serving you well!

    2. Maria Clair-Howard

      I did the original ICoffee demonstrations at Bed Bath and Beyond and LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine – but mine is now spilling coffee all over my counter so much that I now have to ditch it. It KILLS me – best damn coffee maker ever. All the employee rooms at the BBBs had them for the staff to use. What a bloody shame!

  4. We have two I Coffee/Opus machines. Best brewer. Want to buy another, but to no avail. We brew 1-3/day, clean out the unit every 4 months w/ vinegar. We also turn it off after our morning brew. Do you think that will keep it from melting any parts? It has been going great. Do other people turn their units off or leave them on. Also, I never remove the water reservoir except during the cleaning. I fill it with a reserve water (an orange juice container that I cleaned out and fill with filtered water). I just lift the top and pour it in. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    1. If it has auto-shutoff, and I think it does – it shouldn’t overheat tot eh point of melting plastic involved. But manually turning it off wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Good on you that you leave the reservoir alone most of the time, as I have known of people who have had problems with some fo the functionings being out of sync (not sure about this particular model, but some.) Good luck to you!

    2. Hey Lynn

      First of all our iCoffee is going strong (2022)and be got it at BBB when it fist came out. we have ours set where after awhile it will turn off, we have not been very good with cleaning it out regularly .

  5. Michelle Uhan

    I own the icoffee steam not sure exactly which model. (Single cup) we have had it for about 3 years. As of late my daughter and I noticed coffee was watery. Then with in the last week or so a bad smell when making the coffee. Until last week it started to smoke and smelled horrendous with no water or anything happening. As I panicked I hit power off and unplugged immediately! Forward to yesterday we took the machine apart. And found melted plastic and burned wires. So I took pictures an was going to let the company know. That brings me to this and sad to hear they may be out of business. So people be aware of wiring or foul smell when making coffee.

  6. Daniel Staggers

    I have a four year old Mozart and it still works like it was new. I never got over a year out of a Keurig machine and this thing was like a breath of fresh air. I was so impressed I bought out Ebay with two more new ones that are in storage. I don’t expect to ever need them, but anything is better than a Keurig and all the sub brands they make like Cuisinart. Also junk.

    1. Sharon Finn

      I’m thrilled for you and I wish I was as fortunate as you are. I had a new icoffee in the box never opened until just now yet after setting it up it doesn’t work! I believe they are out of business since the number is disconnected and the website doesn’t come up

  7. We have an iCoffee spinbrew coffeemaker. Not sure if it’s a Mozart or a Davinci model. We got it in early 2016, and it has been wonderful to us (a relief after going through 4 Keurigs in 7 years!)
    This morning, when we turned it on, water immediately began running through the brewer, and the only way we could stop the flow was to turn off the machine. Also, the spinner was not turning.
    It was disappointing to learn that iCoffee is no longer around, so we had to order a different product.
    BUT HERE’S THE KICKER: I tried the reset suggestion in the youTube video above, and it WORKED! We have coffee this morning, after all. It’s such a simple fix, that anybody can do.
    We’ll just put the new brewer in a closet when it arrives, and save it for possible future emergencies.

    1. The Spinbrew feature is on both of those models mentioned 🙂 I’m glad the video helped, it’s been awhile since I shared that, I forgot who the channelholder was ? lol 😁

  8. My icoffee float indicating low water came undone while cleaning and I cannot find how to replace it. Any instructions out there? it looks as if there is a tab on each side, but I am unable to push it back in place

  9. We have a 2016 iCoffee with the spin feature, we love. Sorry to read the company has management issues! It has been a wonderful machine for tea, hot chocolate and coffee. I see it cannot be replaced when its heart stops. The CEO might get religion and partner with someone?

    1. We shall see if he does…I’ll let you know if I find out any new updates on iCoffee 😊☕️.

  10. I have had two of these. The first one died on 11 months of service. I am the only one here who drinks coffee, so at most I could have up to 3 cups a day, but on the average, probably only 1-3.

    Because I purchased it at Best Buy, I returned it to them WITH THE ORIGINAL SALES SLIP, which I very rarely save. For some dumb reason, I had taped it to the back of the coffee maker… something I am not doing with most of my electronic purchases.

    Best Buy told me that they no longer could get these, and as most folks here have expressed, the company is useless., out-of-business, bankrupt. they STILL should have some means to fix or replace these in-warranty unitys selling for around $100.

    I stood my ground at Best Buy until the manager arrived and we argued a bit that they sold something with a year’s warranty, but were refusing to stand behind. I finally got a full refund, and with that, I found a NIB on Bay. When that one arrived, I wrote on it “1/20/2020 installed”, Well, sure enough, it’s Xmas day, 2020, and 11 months into its use it has also died.

    I can understand why the company has disappeared… too many defaulting units. I should probably write a letter to the FTC to complaint.

    To hell with them, I just ordered in a new Keurig.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story…It’s been awhile since I shopped at Best Buy-the nearest one is within 25 miles of where I live. I’m glad you stood your ground – fair is fair!

      Which model of Keurig did you end up choosing?

  11. Had two iCoffee single serve. First 1 quit 1 year ago. Water said it was heating but it wasn’t. 2nd iCoffee worked yesterday morning (nice hot brew). Went to make myself another cup last night… water said it was heating, but it wasn’t. Looks like it is kaput too, unless someone knows how to fix it. Made the best coffee.

  12. Brought my IiCoffee 2 years ago and had it in storage. I am now settled back home and can’t get it to work at all. When I push the brew button it sits for a minute and then the add water button starts blinking and it is full. Would like to return it but as ya’ll know I can’t contact anybody. This just sucks since I haven’t be able to use it at all.

    1. That’s a bummer! Before throwing in the towel for good, any chance you have the manual around? I have been able to find it online despite the company going AWOL.

    2. Margaret Thomas

      So sorry to hear your machine is not working. if you’re giving up on it, by chance do you have the reusable icoffee pod that you’d like to sell? It’s the little cup that goes in it so you can use your own collee.


      There is a brown disk in the water chamber, it is a floating magnet that tells the brewier when the water supply is low. if that does not slide up and down freely when you turn over thr water chamber that could be your problem.

      A full tank of white vinegar run through the machine will cure a lot of problems related to mineral buildup clogging the machine.

  13. Looking for a water resevoit for the RSS600-OPS. The low water mechanism in ours came apart and the the coffee maker will not work without it.

  14. I have had the Davinci I coffee coffee brewer for about 5 years, every time someone asks me about my coffee & how good it is, I recommend this coffee brewer, now I find out that they are out of business 😥, so sad, the best brewer I’ve ever had!

    1. Margaret Thomas

      Best brewer I’ve ever had too! Now I can’t find the 1coffee reusable pod so I can brew my own coffee. One of mine got accidentally thrown out in the trash.

    2. I have one of the original Opus models and it still works great to this day. I brought it into work to use here now and everyone loves it saying it makes much better coffee than their Keurig machines. Shame they aren’t in business anymore. If it weren’t for this machine I wouldn’t even bother with K-cup coffee anymore as I prefer drip and pour over.

    3. Barbara Morley

      I agree, this Davinci brewer is the very best. I would like anyone to let me know if they have the iCUP reusable for this coffee pot I would be interested in it.

  15. i have the davinci. it still works & i LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    does anyone know if there any other brand that has the spin brew feature? when time to replace i won’t want the regular keurig…just not the same. so sad this company no longer makes these or is out of business

    1. I LOVE my icoffee! I have been through so many Kuerigs! This Opus has lasted about 5 years with NO problems! I love the taste of the coffee. And the fact that I can select the size with the turn dial. I don’t believe I have been able to find any other coffee machine to do that….. so sad that they didn’t last in the world of Kuerig because I prefer icoffee! If my machine ever stops working I will be heartbroken!

    2. Cherie Palm

      I have an icoffee I quit using a year ago after going to Italy and falling in love with Moka. No issues.
      Any offers on it before I send to eBay?

  16. My Mozart has worked beautifully with regular cleaning and descaling until recently . I got out another one that I purchased on clearance and set it up. Then I thought I would give it another good descale. Well, now I have two working Mozarts. I would like to store one, but I don’t know how to get the water out of the internal reservoir. Any of you great hackers out there know how?


      I have been wondering why the sudden and mysterious vanashing of iCoffee.
      Thanks for the link. It explains it all.
      Copyright infringement on the pump method.

  17. i need a coffee basket at wa/mart picket up a pink one made it work took the hole out so the spiner wood work had to push down hard to close put it worked everything else works great

    1. I’m so glad I finally found this blog. I’ve been going crazy trying to find the icoffee filters. I absolutely love my machine and don’t want to give it up. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. ALexis Macdonald

      I want to buy another filter , but the ones at Walmart and Target are only for Keurig . Where can I go to get just one more? Thanks

    3. Margaret Thomas

      Thanks so much for the suggestion on how to modify the reusable coffee baskets. Going to try that.

  18. Bruce D Burrows is the person that owns icoffee. He is famous for going bankrupt and stealing from his companies. Look up Oasis, Ebtech, Burrows Golf, and others. He is know for hiring engineers and designers for his entrepreneur type ideas and making sure they are minimized on recognition for the patents they come up with. Check out all the lawsuits against him.

    1. Oh my…I knew he was the CEO and the “big cheese” and all, didn’t realize he was that big of a “dirty rotten scoundrel”

      I knew something had gone awry…

    2. there is anyone aware of any lawsuit against Bruce and or his company regarding any of this?

  19. Bailey Christensen

    Well… this is sad news for me, as I get on to order new reusable filter pods. Anyone have any they want to sell, if their icoffee maker has taken a poop? Let me know!

    1. The grey unit will work; they are available on Amazon. Only you need to remove the original black basket in the machine every time When you use the grey unit.

  20. Graciela de la Fuente-Jones

    I cannot find a reusable k-cup that fits my Opus i-coffee machine. I went to Amazon and I’ve tried several different brands and they are all to big, not allowing my machine to close and therefore cannot brew. I’m desperately trying to purchase the k-cup that came with the coffee maker, as that is the ONLY one that is the correct size. Where can I purchase this exact reuseable k-cup, as the business in Valencia does not appear to be in business, since they have not answered the phone in months. Please advise.

    1. I have tried to find the icoffee replacement that fills the coffee could you please tell me where I can find the icoffee filter.

    2. I figured out a way. Buy these:

      Then grab 100 grit sandpaper and lay it on the ground grit side up. Take the eco-fill filter and sand the top down until the letters are gone.
      Then, take the sandpaper and wrap it around a small stick (tongue depressor works great) and evenly sand the top of the filter holder down until all the letters disappear. Once you do this, it will be. Snug fit to close it but you won’t lose your mind searching online for the OEM reusable filter.

    3. Barbara Bradford

      I bought K-cups at Bed, Bath and Beyond that fit my Opus coffee maker.

    4. Barbara Bradford

      I bought K-cups at Bed, Bath and Beyond that fit my Opus coffee maker.

  21. Does anyone know why icoffee single cup coffee maker went out of business? Why would a company stop make a product that works great, has a great taste, and has very few problems compared to the other coffee makers on the market? Why would not some other company pick up the same technology and start making a great coffee machine again?

  22. Hi, I have an icoffee pot that works, but the filter basket broke. I decided I would put my favorite coffee machine to rest and get me something else. After reading that I wasn’t the only one trying to find replacement parts, I thought I could help in some way and will send any part of the coffee pot to anyone looking for a part, just pay for shipping and any donation amount if you want. This way some of us could continue using this amazing coffee machine! Just let me know.

    1. Sorry to hear Lisa! I respect what yuo’re doing here 🙂

      This goes out to all who are following this thread – I have spotted a new iCoffee SpinBrew listing on ebay. (I clicked on something that would let me get notified whenever a new listing would come up re: iCoffee parts.) I do want to stress that it is pre-owned.

      I am seeing some listings for icoffee parts and actual whole units, only problem is…The asking prices are way steeper than they were when this baby first came out!

    2. My opus was replaced 12/2016 by the company for a new one, no charge even though the 1 yr. warranty was up. It was leaking. Now the new one is leaking, from the machine not from the fillable reservoir. I am going to have to find a replacement and not looking forward to that as some are so expensive and some are limited to how large/small an amount of water you want in the cup. Have been delighted with this machine and will sadly miss it.

  23. I love my icoffee machine. I think it’s an Opus. It broke yesterday. Still works but the plastic piece that holds the latch broke off I was able to hold the top down for one last cup. So off I went to get a new Keurig. I brought home my new Elite set it up and 😞 my coffee isn’t the same. I looked over at my icoffee machine that was about to be tossed into a dumpster and started to think. I fashioned a Velcro strap to hold the top down and it works fine. It’s not so pretty but not bad. At least it works. I guess my next step will be a French press. Now I’m off to return that Keurig.

    1. The only Keurig machine that made decent coffee was the Vue. I had one of these before I got the icoffee Opus and it was actually decent. It used a different size/style cup than the standard K-cup. Of course they don’t make that anymore because why would anyone want better coffee, right? 😉 But I think you can still get cups for it if you can find a machine.

    2. I bought my icoffee in 2016 and it’s still going strong ! Would love to buy a backup ! Please keep me updated if you hear anything. Thanks so much.

  24. Shawna JIMENEZ

    Hello. We are in need of the resuable coffee cup to put our coffee grinds in. Does anyone know where we can get one!?!

    1. Hi Shawna, Amazon does carry them, only problem is the price (way too much in my opinion and I think others agreed)..You would think you’d get maybe two or three instead of just one in the package?
      iCoffee reusable cup

    2. Hi Jennifer. The like for the reusable filters is saying they are no longer available. I am still searching as we bought some that say icoffee, bit do not work/fit.

  25. Hi Jennifer! Unfortunately it looks like our icoffee JetBrew is coming to the end of its service. It has made the best tasting coffee of any home coffee brewer that we’ve ever had and I’d buy another if it was available. I love how rich the coffee is without the bitterness. I’m hoping you can suggest a good replacement.

    Flavor is the the best criteria to match for us (rich, no bitterness). We do not use the single brew cups. We usually make 1or 2 full pots of coffee daily, so we prefer the larger pots. Cost wise, I’d prefer to stay under $200, but there is wiggle room there for quality. We don’t need any of the frills such as built in grinder, frother….but not opposed if they are there. We prefer a thermal carafe, but again not a deal breaker as long as the hot plate has auto shut off. I’m not sure what else to include to narrow down the list.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi to you as well Jax! It does look like Amazon did have a listing for the Jetbrew – however it is a preowned one (third-party seller) Link here

      For some recommendations, if you can get ahold of the Hamilton Beach 49980A, that is one of the best functioning models – it will let you brew a carafe pot or a single cup…and has few performance issues that I’ve seen Here is the review of it

      I didn’t like its successor, the Flexbrew, but it did get remodeled and this one seems a whole lot better. It also does full pots or one cups, your choice. Review of the 49976 model

      Last time I checked I believe they were in the under $200 price range, but prices sometimes change so you might want to check to be sure. Hope this helps!

    2. Thank you Jennifer! I will check into your suggestions. I like the idea of having the flexibility to make a full carafe or single cup.

  26. Desperately seeking a reusable icup if anyone has guidance on where to find or a compatible brand.

  27. Pamela Raines

    I love my Davinci. I’ve had it for four years now and it still works great but I do need a new reservoir. Mine is a little melted but works fine. I bought one off of Amazon and it turned out it wasn’t for a Davinci but for a Mozart. It cost almost as much as the whole machine did but I do it again if I could purchase one. Anyone that uses EBay and has a machine for parts or parts of I Coffee machines please list them for sell.

    1. Angie Thacker

      Pamela, I am in need of a reservoir for a Mozart iCoffee. Would you be willing to part with the one you have?

      Let me know.


  28. Susan J Elliott

    I was going through Keurigs every 6-9 months and finally purchased an iCoffee by davinci. It has lasted almost 4 years now. I LOVE THE THING and it’s gone??? BUMMER BUMMER BUMMER. So stupid.

    1. Julius P Roman

      Blow compressed air through the water tube after removing reservoir if your problem is slow or insufficient fill.
      I agree that my 2.5 year old is the best maker ever.
      Leave a request here if you want to get in contact. I’ll check back.
      Also, cleaning the unit with vinegar and water will get most scale out of it. Suggest you use only filtered or distilled water f or longest appliance life.

  29. Jasper Daniels

    Hey! Hopefully you still access this page. I was wondering if you or anyone else have seen any water tanks! I’m pretty sure I have the Mozart!! My old one has cracked at the bottom…I’ve looked but I have only come across small ones and I don’t believe they even go to my machine

    1. Hi Jasper – Spare replacement parts for any of the iCoffee models are getting real hard to find, unfortunately…But I will try to keep an eye out!

    2. Pamela Raines

      Jasper Daniels
      I have a Mozart water tank (reservoir)! I bought it thinking it was for the Da Vinci. The Mozart tank is about two to three inches bigger than the Da Vinci. If I knew how to get it to you I would send it. [email protected]

  30. We have the Opus and it still is running we bought a second Opus for our vacation home and it died after one year. Replaced it with the Cusinart Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker, Silver. The SS-10 has done fine by us. Makes good coffee.

    1. Celia…You might not like my answer here – I checked Amazon, and the one listing for the replacement carafes is out of stock. I did have a look on ebay, which also carries everything under the sun…and I got pretty much the same scenario. Even took the word “replacement” out of my search string “icoffee carafes” …no dice.
      Wish I could suggest a different brand of carafe since Cuisinart, Bunn and Mr Coffee ones are all over the place but looking at them up close and seeing the nuanced differences in them design-wise, it’d be a crapshoot, unfortunately 🙁
      Sorry, I do wish I could be more help to you in your situation!

  31. can you purchase the holder and exit needle part, mine lets out grinds where the little rubber seal is around the needle

  32. I have the Single serve icoffee spin basket machine, can the blue down light be replaced or changed? Otherwise it works fine.

    1. Hi Ellen – Are you referring to the reservoir light? light on unit itself? There is a little rectangular piece on the unit (sits below water tank) with a sensor that controls the part about the light coming on or blinking when it is time to refill. I checked and don’t think there is a replacement (sorry) Jennifer

    2. I have an Opus dial-a-brew and the lite for the Digital Readout, Dial-a-brew knob just went out yesterday .
      Will this be able to be fixed? THANKS

    3. Yikes! Sorry that happened…

      As long as the company has gone AWOL, and the fact that replacement parts have become difficult to locate, I wish I had better news to offer. Apologies in advance!

  33. I have the Mozart icoffee machine and have had no problems at all! I was really disappointed when target stopped carrying this brand and then I noticed as all of you did that the website was down as well. Not sure what brand I will purchase when this one does decide to kick the curb but until then I’ll continue to use it. (Maybe it helps that I’m the only one that uses it and I only drink one to two cups a day) 😂😉

    1. And the price on the Mozart and Opus has skyrocketed as well as the DaVinci – Couple that with the lack of customer support which does not bode well at all! Back when these were in the under $100 range and you could access CS (as well as locate replacement parts) I’d say you are safe, but now…..there are other and better brands to make a case for. Hope your Mozart will be one of the lucky ones though 🙂

    2. Pauline Newby

      Hello Jennifer what brand names can U tell me about to replace my Davinic iCoffee Remington it won’t pump out the water any more..I did love this coffee maker it makes me sad … So if U can help with a replacement I would be very grateful…Thanks in advance Pauline Newby

    3. So sorry to hear that Pauline! Is there anything in particular you are looking for (as far as size, price range, travel size, large, small, things like that) so I can steer you in the right direction?

      A new brewer, yes? Because replacement parts for icoffee are pretty limited and the few I’ve come across are quite particular.

      This would be a good place to start:

    4. Marcelino Barreto

      Heather, I’m with you. My iCoffee/Opus is exceptional. Love it. Kiurig doesn’t brew as good. Sorry. Hope company keeps in the market.

  34. Rebecca Poitras

    Does anyone know where I can get the iCoffee iCup reusable cup for the DaVinci model? I found them on Amazon, but they’re $28 each!!! (Canadian $$). That is utterly ridiculous! Do any other models of reusable cups work in that machine?
    Thanks for your help!!

    1. Thanks for your inquiry – At the present time I have not been seeing the icup as much…I will be glad to take a look around and see what I can find though!

      I wish I could recommend an alternate brand, but the thing is not all reusables are compatible with this model.

    2. Update on iCoffee iCups… I live in the US and the quoted prices for one iCup were the same… it did look like free shipping was being offered at the time. Sorry, I wish I had better news!


    3. If you’re still looking for an Icup reusable; I have a brand new one still in the box. Bought it on accident.

    4. Hi Nicole,

      There is a listing on Amazon for the reusable iCup…only two negatives- One, that it is compatible (states on the page, anyway) only with the SpinBrew, and second…it’s WAY overpriced in my opinion.

      Here ‘s the link to check out anyway…Sometimes ebay has some better options because they carry a lot of older model parts. Ever so often I find some very good deals there!

      iCoffee reusable cup

  35. I bought the DaVinci Coffee on 9/17/15 and 2 weeks ago it started leaking water from underneath. I thought this coffee maker was better than Keurig and would last a lot longer than Keurig. Unfortunately it lasted just as long as a Keurig. Very disappointed with this product and in din the trash it goes.

    1. Oh dear! Well three years of use out of it…I agree that this model is on the decline.

      Also, I noticed that the price on the DaVinci has really taken a jump…despite all of the problems people are having – really odd!

  36. Brandrea Perry

    Does anyone know if u can add a filter thingy to this like a charcoal one like keurigs have? No videos on YouTube.

    1. Yeah, videos on icoffee products are very limited on Youtube – just not a lot period 🙁

      Regarding use of a filter… Unfortunately no it was not designed to accommodate nor does it come with one…You will have to look into using filtered or spring water exclusively with use.

    2. We had the platinum Keurig machine & unscrewed the filter thing at the bottom of the water reservoir & screwed it into the water reservoir of our icoffee opus & it works fine. The water reservoir on the icoffee has the little screw prongs that stand up just like the Keurig. It worked for us & theres no issues with it. HOPE THIS HELPS..

  37. Just bought a replacement icoffee. It didn’t come with the carafe filter. Was this discontinued?

    1. Regrettably, I think it has. Have not come across any replacement parts including those of or for the carafe….So sorry!

  38. My Icoffee died this morning without any hint of something wrong with it. I’m suffering from caffeine withdrawal at this moment and am madder than a wet hen! I’ve spent literally all day trying to get this thing to work, trying to call the company, trying to get on their website. This machine wasn’t cheap!!! I’m not a wealthy person, far from it, I’m on disability but this is my one guilty pleasure in life. I can’t even afford another k cup type machine to replace it and I just found a great deal on k cups, go figure!!! This isn’t a good way to run a company or treat your customers.

    1. Wow…looks like you’ve been having a rough day! At the present time I don’t recommend the icoffee line to readers as prominently as other brands due to so many more increases in performance issues and the fact that the company seems to have gone awol so getting support has become pointless.

      One of the more popular brewers that is receiving high ratings is this model here

      Aikok K-cup brewer

      At the present time it is under $50 and people seem to be enjoying it 🙂

      I can look for some other models if you’d like to see a range of options!

  39. I’m so disappointed but not surprised. I bought my Spin Brew at an outlet store in Canada about a year ago. . They get a lot of closeouts. Their extended warranty is good and cheap so I’m covered for 3 years. If they don’t have another one, at least I’ll get a store credit.

    I was searching for another reusable icup. I can’t believe how expensive they are! I paid $39.99 for the machine with the extended warranty. The only icup that I can find is also $39.99 on That’s just plain crazy. There’s a few on eBay that are just as expensive.

    If anyone is in Canada, has a few singlr serve Spin Brews left. Unfortunately, they don’t ship outside of the country. I might pick up another one as a spare and for another icup. I think that it is a much better machine than the Keurig.

    1. That’s awesome! I went through your link to check it out but for some reason I got an error page – why that is I have no clue.

      Any details on the newest product yet? I’m hearing through the grapevine that there will be a new brewer coming soon!

    2. I have an old spin Brew. Apparently you cannot clean out the reservoir on this model, and I’ve been unable either by following your links, or by calling people to get in touch with anyone. Obviously, this poses a health hazard if, say for example as what happened in my case you see coffee grounds and tea leaves floating around in the little window. Cuz that stuff is just sitting in there a sure fire way to get someone to respond

    3. Michael I am sorry you had a rough experience …You’re in good company; however, not everybody is in love with the Steam Brew’s performance either, it seems, which discouraged me from doing in depth research on that particular model in addition to the one I covered (the DaVinci).

    4. Link please do u know if u can add a water filter cartrige thingy to this? Like a charcoal thing? I’ve researched YouTube didn’t see one. I have the opus

    5. Regarding a water filter for the icoffee, unfortunately no 🙁 Others were wanting to know about this issue too; best bet is to use filtered water (such as via a Brita pitcher, or similar apparatus) distilled or spring water.

      Hope this helps!

  40. Marie Romano

    I’m looking for a replacement part. I need the coffee basket for the 12 cup icoffee machine. Its not just a filter but part of the machine. Any thoughts on how to get one?

    1. Hi Marie I presume you’re referring to the Steambrew? I checked on Amazon for “Steambrew replacement parts” but didn’t find anything..when I google-d this I got taken over to ebay but all that came up was the brewers themselves. Terribly sorry to have to report that, but I will keep trying!

      Did you try to contact the company? I know that has been a troublesome issue for people lately, but something might have changed…Wish I could be of more help!

  41. Geneva Newell

    I bought the coffee back about 11/2 years ago it would work a while and stop. Well we waited a while and tried again it worked fine then yesterday it started coming on by itself and brewing water and it off when my husband took the water tank off it had melted the black top and the side of the tank. Now I can’t find the replacement parts guess it’s time to switch to a new coffee pot. Besides this piece of junk may burn ya house down.

    1. Good heavens – what an ordeal! I do hope you are able to find a good and reliable new brewer -Don’t lose hope, there are plenty of good options out there It certainly doesn’t have to be an icoffee either:)

  42. Doreen Camerona

    I purchased in icoffee in December 2017 from Boscov’s department Store it no longer works will not pump or Brew I did some research and found Remington icoffee and call the number where recorded message came on the line telling me that they were sold out of coffee makers to replace and to wait until the end of the year when they new model is coming out advise me to bring it back to the store where I originally purchased it luckily I saved the receipt online I have no box but I will try to return it I’m interested in seeing what this new coffee maker is like that they supposedly are coming out with

    1. Thank you for sharing your story! Yes by all means hold onto that receipt 🙂 I too am anxious to see what’s coming down the pike. Time will tell!

  43. I bought a icoffee in December 2017 and it no longer works will not pump the water out the recording told me that they have no coffee makers available and then a new one would be coming out this year and to return my defective coffee maker to the store I purchased it hopefully I will be able to return it with no problem no box just an online receipt I’ll keep you posted I really liked the coffee maker and I curious to see what new product they do come out with if they do come out with it

  44. We have an iCoffee and absolutely LOVE it, so I was very disappointed a few months back when I went to their website to see what was new and found the same thing you did. I really hope the rumor is correct and they come out with a new brewer. We like ours so much better the the Keurigs. I’ve never had a problem but would like to replace the machine with another iCoffee when the time comes.

    1. Hi Kelly – Glad you are enjoying your iCoffee….I hope they make good on that too about the upcoming new release. Some people had a few disappointments, but the whole “spin, stir, and steam” concept is pretty killer and had its share of fans. Hope to keep you guys posted if/when I find out!

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