Have You Heard About the Nowpresso Yet?

Latest News: Have You Heard About the Nowpresso Yet?

Just when you guys thought that single-cup coffee had reached its apex of convenience…

Along comes something pretty darn amazing. This landed in my feed not too long ago so I directed my attention to it right away. Well, here is something chances are, you may have just heard about, as it’s a pretty new invention.

The NowPresso….. is a portable coffee/espresso maker that operated on lithium battery power, all the credit goes to entrepreneur John Rochecouste. Don’t quote me for sure, but this amazing invention has been made possible by a crowdfunding campaign.

This baby is about the size of, and physically resembles, a thermos…and it makes real bonafide espresso! Yep, you heard right! A single-serve espresso maker that you can take with you camping, traveling, to the office, heck, even on airplanes if you remove the battery prior to going through security 🙂

So I guess the main objective is to remember to keep them charged. But apparently, the coffee is as delicious as that you would get from a full-size maker, complete with that crema on top. Speaking of the top, the top doubles as a drinking cup.

And are you ready for this…

No descaling needed! A periodical rinsing out is recommended and the outer caps are top-rack dishwasher safe.

True to its name, the NowPresso operates with Nespresso capsules, the very same that are made to work with the Pixie and the Lattissima Pro.

You Had Me at Portable…How Does the Nowpresso Work?

So how does the first-of-its-kind portable espresso maker work exactly? Glad you asked…

It works on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At this point, you need to check the amount of power remaining just press the button on the front and it will light up in blue indicating the current strength. On average it takes about 2 and a half hours to fully recharge from the low stage.

You can make hot espresso with Nowpresso’s 15-bar system as well as iced coffee. It heats water to an average of 194 degrees F but you also have the option of pouring in cool/cold water to make an iced beverage.

Nowpresso Use in a Nutshell

You unscrew the drinking cup and the capsule cover and place a Nespresso capsule into the chamber and push it in securely. Replace the capsule lid and the drinking cup, and then flip the whole apparatus upside down.

Unscrew the water cap from the opposite end and fill it with water all the way up to the max fill line, then replace the cap. Press the button and hold down for five seconds. Then it’s going to start going to town. When the work is complete you will then hear a beep and see a green light appear in front.

All of your coffee beverage is in the drinking cup. You’ll simply separate it….and then enjoy it. You can also pour in hot water and repeat this process to prepare a drink…For creamy exotic drinks that require a unique-sized cup you’d need the addition of the Nowpresso stand (see Accessories section)


9.9″ in length, 3.2″ in width, 3″ in depth, 3.5 lbs


A 1-year warranty, a power adaptor for standard wall outlets, a Lithium Ion battery, and a 12-volt car charger.

Compatible Accessories

All of the Nespresso capsules of the original Line are acceptable as well as the stainless steel refillable SealPod capsules. There are a few handy niceties sold separately to enhance your experience, including an upright stand holder and a travel bag. The stand holder has five slots with which to hold your Nespresso capsules as well as support your unit in the event you want to make exotic beverages with the assistance of a different cup aside from the one included.

If you are traveling somewhere where going through security will be coming up you’re encouraged to remove the lithium battery first before proceeding.

Who Would This Be Good For?

Mainly travelers. If you’re a busy professional, someone who is used to throwing stuff in and out of suitcases on a dime to go out of town on a moment’s notice…this is perfect for you. I would also recommend it for campers and RV’ers and those of you who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors.

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Where To Buy?

Well, the bad news is….at the present at the time of writing the Nowpresso is not available on Amazon (at least in the US market) But the good news is that there are several knockoff brands offering this portable espresso maker with pretty much all of the features I described above.

If you’re in the market for a portable maker and intrigued at this point to take the next step I’m linking to one right now that looks to have the best value for the money. The only problem is I don’t see an additional stand option like the one described above. If/when the Nowpresso does make it there I will update this review.

You can read the full story of the NowPresso here; regardless of whether or not you want one, you will certainly be intrigued!

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