Do You Really Need to Register Your Prospective Single Serve Brewer?

single cup coffee makerSo after reading all my reviews and thinking and you’ve picked out your dream machine, waiting for its arrival? Congrats! Now I want to inform you of something else I know you’re going to run into at some point – you will be asked to “register” your brewer. Yep, after unpacking all that stuff, brewer, starter guide, K-cup sampler packs….chances are a postcard-sized card is going to fall out – you pick it up and it’ll be the card for registering. It will have spaces for your name, address, email, and a few general questions about you (don’t worry, nothing too personal) and lastly the serial number of your new unit.

But the big question is: Should you get your new brewer registered; is it necessary for the warranty to be effective? Let’s take a look at that now.

No, the stated terms and conditions described in the warranty that will come with your brewer are not null and void in the absence of registration. (Depending on the model in question though look over the terms carefully.) And lastly, no, it is not necessary for you to register your new K-cupper, but there are some advantages for doing so. Following:

1. You may be able to receive some free “goodies”

Some manufacturers offer new consumers a promo code to get X% off on a specialty item, most likely K-cup packages, or in the case of some other brands, pods, T-discs, etc. I have a promo code I’m still sitting on, believe it or not, since I was informed it will be good for a couple of years 🙂 Now who can argue with free or discounted?

2. Can be helpful in the event of a product recall

Should something faulty come up (hopefully not) in the event of a recall, with your name, brewer and its respective serial number easily retrievable, it will be easier to become notified about issues like this in which case you’ll have an easier time receiving replacement parts. In other words getting a heads-up about safety concerns is always a good thing.

3. Make the warranty period more accurate

Suppose you recently bought brand X brewer – you’ll want to register it soon (this is the reason a short window of time is given, like 2 weeks) as the warranty period that will cover it will be more spot-on as the period will start on the date of purchase and not include the time it was en route and being delivered. In other words, buying you a little time.

4. An easier time getting assistance from the manufacturer

If your brewer is already registered in the event that you have to speak with a CSR about any particulars (or problems) it’ll be easier to pull up that info and you won’t have to go hunting around for the receipt, invoice,serial number, etc., Proof of ownership is always a good way to get the best help on situations.

5. It only takes a moment of your time

You can fill out the card and mail it in; it will ask you a few questions but the most important ones to answer would be your name, address, and the serial number of your new brewer – the serial number is most likely about 14-16 digits long and alpha-numeric. If it is difficult to see on your brewer’s anatomy it is most likely going to be on a sticker on the box somewhere. You can also register your brewer online and this means you might get on the company’s email list; meaning you may get to hear about special promotional offers and such, but you are free to opt-out at any time and your email address will not be shared or spammed.

I registered my K10 Mini pretty soon after it was in my hands; I did not anticipate any problems, but it was an easy task with nothing to lose, plus I also get periodic coupons every now and then which is nice. So hopefully you will consider this in the event of your next purchase 🙂




5 thoughts on “Do You Really Need to Register Your Prospective Single Serve Brewer?”

  1. Kathy Briggs

    I just bought the Keurig K Express & tried to register it & ive put the Serial # in exactly how it is on the coffee maker & it keeps telling me to enter it the exact same way which I have done 4 times now but still keeps telling me that.

  2. Carol Wagner

    I got a DaVinci iCoffee Maker& am trying to register it. Mine didn’t come w/ a mail-in card, just said to go to to register. Can’t find the site…just to buy, not register. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. Sorry I realize their website is still down…wonder when they’re going to get it back and running?? I know that’s frustrating! I was able to find the contact info including the phone number on the user guide pdf -It is on page 13 and the last page. here is the link:

      Good luck and hopefully somebody there can help you! Jennifer

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