Coffee Makers That Use K Cups and Ground Coffee: Best of Both Worlds

Coffee Makers That Use K-Cups and Ground Coffee

Are you seeking a coffee maker that uses K Cups AND grounds too, all in one unit? Good on you! It’s super-sweet to have a reliable and functional pod brewer, but it’s the icing on the cake when you can find a coffee maker that uses pods AND ground coffee….perfect for getting a quick cup for the road on the way to work, and on weekends, lounge around with a good old fashioned pot of coffee. Am I right?

coffee makers that use k cups and coffee grounds

Well, you’re not alone in this quandary! You may have to dig a bit deeper, but you can find a coffee maker that uses K-cups and grounds. I will happily share my recommendations for ground and pod coffee makers, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too.

Or is that have your coffee and DRINK it too?

bunn my cafe mcu multi use coffee makerBunn MyCafe MCU

The Bunn MyCafe MCU not only uses soft pods and K-cups, but it also uses loose grounds too. It is one of the best interchangeable models for varied coffee brewing to suit every beverage and mood. It comes with 4 “drawers” that will each hold a different type of coffee delivery: one is for the K cups, and another is made to hold soft pods.

All the drawers look slightly different, so you have an easier time remembering which accommodates which product. No doubt about it, this is one brewer that has got you covered for every occasion.

You can read the full review of the Bunn MyCafe MCU here.

coffee maker that uses k cups and groundsHamilton Beach Flexbrew

The next choice would be the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew. It has one cup and full carafe capability as well. It is designed with a K-cup chamber and an automatic drip function built in. The only problem which resulted in lower ratings is that it has a shared reservoir instead of two.

Also, you must remember to keep some water in the carafe at all times of operation because the hot plate gets hot even if you only use the single-serve side. If this design flaw was resolved, I think that would make it better, but it does seem to have a following as a highly popular coffee maker that uses K-cups and grounds both.

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hamilton beach two way brewer

Hamilton Beach 2-Way

The third best is the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Single Serve and Full Pot; the main difference between it and the Flexbrew above is that it uses soft coffee pods only, not the K-Cups. This is a great option to consider if you prefer those soft pods for their biodegradable quality and oppose all that K-cup environment litter. You can use the carafe side on those days when you’re entertaining guests, as well as the single-serve side for yourself when the mood strikes.

It seems to work better than the Flexbrew mentioned above, except for the fact that you can only use soft coffee pods. Having dual reservoirs and a switch on the front control panel that allows you to set whichever one you want after filling it with water and putting in your coffee type preferred. You may have to purchase the travel mug separately, but the carafe is included and pours great. It is definitely the best coffee maker with pods and ground capability I’ve seen, and at a great price too.

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Hamilton Beach 49976

This is a more updated version of the Flexbrew from earlier. It also accommodates K cups and loose coffee grounds with different compartments . I like that the platform looks much better than the older model. There are separate compartments, so you always know how much water you must put in each one.

A couple of different brew holders are included to make it easy to fill with your coffee of choice. In addition to K-cups, you can also use loose grounds on the single-serve side too. You can also program it to come on and turn off (specifically the coffee pot side only) and “steal” a quick cup in the middle of a pot brewing cycle.

Check out my full review of the 49976 here


Now not only have you got options for getting two brewers for the price of one, but you don’t have to be concerned about having to get two machines or the clutter on the countertop as such. It’s great to have a coffee maker that uses K cups and grounds in one fell swoop next time you have company coming or you don’t want to pull out one machine and then the other!

So which one of these coffee pots that uses k cups and grounds will be YOUR favorite?

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