Back to the Grind: Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Built In Grinder

best single cup coffee maker grinderWhat’s the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With the Grinder Built In?

Read this if you’re a fanatic about having the freshest ground beans money can buy! After all, that is when they are at their best, and when they have been put through the grinder before your eyes then you know for sure.

In other words, having the best of both worlds – a machine that combines both tasks together to create the perfect marriage of freshness and function. Although a considerable amount of these “all in one” coffee makers tend to be the automatic-drip style, there are a few that are made for the person looking to stick their mug or tumbler on the plate and press go. So if you have got your heart set on a good single cup coffee maker with grinder function too, read on – Now I will be totally honest with you; I have done the research and legwork and I have compiled the best findings.

There were a couple of units I think I would avoid. There are 2 “Grind and Brew” units, made by Hamilton Beach and Mr Coffee that seemed to have performance issues reflected in their ratings. That was a shame, because they looked good on paper – that is until I read over the reviews.

Is “Grind and Brew” Convenience What it’s Cracked Up to Be?

What would influence someone to purchase a “grind and brew” unit? First off, A lot of coffee snobs (not a bad thing!) swear by grinding your own beans for that unbeatable fresh-brewed quality.

Apparently this can affect outcome and taste! There is good information here with regard to flavor extraction as it’s very much a matter of chemistry.

There are some possible flaws present in “grind and brew” units to be aware of that I have discovered; so you want to do your homework first.

  • Backup and clogging of grinder unit-you have to stay on top of the daily cleaning regimen.
  • If the grinder part fails altogether, you are stalled on brewing since these compartments are not independent of one another.
  • Grinders are noisy-but I suppose this is par for the course.

Blades Vs Burr Grinders

The first thing you should check out is the type of grinder included. There are 2 main types of grinders, burr and blade. Burr grinders do cost more, but they do the job better. Blade grinders are haphazard and chop up the beans on high speed, causing irregular looking grounds rather than uniform particles. So if you are in the market for a grind-and-brew keep this in mind; find out what type of grinder is included.

Top 3 Choices For the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker With Grinder Built In

First choice would have to be the Cuisinart Grind and Brew. It has a sleek, minimalist appearance with polished chrome and black accents and although the average rating falls slightly below what I consider “passing muster” Made especially for one-cup brewing ease, its clearance area will easily accommodate a tumbler up to about 6.5″ in height.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew
Dimensions: 10″ by 10″ by 16″
There is a goldtone filter included and the option to turn off the bean-grinding step so if you just want to cut to the chase and drop in some loose grounds, you can do that too on the other setting. Being a little more budget-friendly that some options, it has a 4, 8, 12 and 16 oz settings. One bone to pick is that it does not have the conical burr grinder spoken of earlier.

Cuisinart Grind and Brew

Next Best: Haier Brew 4-Cup with Grinder
Update April 2023: The Haier Brew 4-Cup with Grinder has been discontinued
I love the unique look of this one (it almost resembles a TV dontcha think?) with its compact sizing that would suit a smaller residence well. It has a dial setting in which you can switch between grounds or whole bean settings. This is the model I would choose for myself if I were looking for a grind-and-brew as my taste in appliances leans towards the retro and also because I am the sole coffee drinker in my household.

Haier Brew 4 Cup with Grinder

It comes with a 20 oz glass carafe but you could just as easily use a mug or cup instead. The blade and filter parts are removable for easy cleaning. Although it’s pretty new with about 8 months in the shop window, enough about it is positive enough to make it a “go”

Breville Grind Control, Silver
What makes it unique is a calibration setting in the grinder that permits the right ratios for optimal flavor. The “one size fits all” approach is flawed, as different beans produce different results.


The Breville Grind Control also has single-serve and carafe functionality.

coffee maker with built in grinder

Breville Grind Control

You have the option to disable the grinder part as needed and program on/off times as desired. I believe the carafe is included, but the thermal cup shown in the picture, is not.

Although the overall score fell slightly below the 4.o ideal, it did look like it had more positives than negatives.

The Grind Control is a little on the bigger side; its highest pint reaching 17″ in height, and the clearance area measures about 7.5″ from dispensing spout to drip plate giving you full tumbler access. There is a little depression in the middle of the drip plate revealed below the round drip plate, so your to-go cup will be securely in place.

There are eight strength settings and even the option to skip that part altogether and put your grounds in the filter basket that is included for a great 12-cup carafe or single cup experience. The LCD window above the controls lets you see what you’ve selected, a countdown timer and the present water level.


  • Grind control makes for a better workflow
  • Flawless single cup adaptability
  • Uses a conical burr grinder


  • You’ll need to be on top of cleaning the mechanism periodically, including the bean chute
  • A few people felt like the carafe was difficult to pour beyond a certain point.

The Breville Grind Control is pricier than the other 2 above but it does a good bit more and has the added benefit of the burr grinder, which is why I vote it to be the best single cup coffee maker grinder/brewer combo.

So I hope this information serves to make your daily grind that much better than before!

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  1. Great article, thanks! Cuisinart is also my brew and grind of choice; though I had to get a conical burr grinder separately for my coffee snob friends 🙂

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