Best Single Cup Coffeemaker For the Office: Brew Like a Boss on the Job

single cup coffee maker for officeBest Single Cup Coffeemaker For the Office: Getting a Brewer For Your “Second Home”!

Hey guys…In this day and age we spend an awful lot of time away from home. And a great big chunk of that time is spent in that “second home” – the workplace. Coffee breaks are commonplace, and if that’s what brought you here, I’ve got some good findings if you’re shopping for a new one cupper for the office.

After all why relegate the convenience of coffee on demand to our personal domicile? Heck, with 40-60 hour workweeks being the norm it pays to have a good coffeemaker that works as hard as we do! No surprise that K-cup machines are cropping up all the time in hotels, lounges, colleges, universities and offices to fill this niche.

(OK, I get that I can’t talk being that I work from home as a marketer, lol, but I do get out and about…and I’m seeing plenty of coffee makers in establishments!) Many times coffee is not just a nicety, it’s necessary!

And if you own a venue yourself, and are looking for a way to pamper your guests you’ll have some great advice here to gain a little traction in the “nicety†department.

It’s somewhat of a different ball game than when you are looking for a new brewer for your home, apartment or camper, but this guide will provide everything you need to know and the best models for the job!

Check For the Commercial UL Listing

Single-serve coffeemakers made for public workplaces carry a different “Commercial†grade UL Listing. Basically, Household and Commercial units carry different terms and conditions. If any problems should arise (and you have registered your machine) the terms described in the warranty are going to differ between Home and Commercial units.

Commercial-Grade Brewers Cost a Little More, But May Last LONGER!

If a machine may enjoy consistent use among the general public, it means that commercial coffeemaker units have to be built to last. Heavy duty power cords , stronger pumps, and a greater energy output means greater mojo for withstanding daily revolving-door customer action. There’s a certain weight to them when compared to their “home-only†models.

The chart below shows my top 3 best brewers for the office and their features at a glance.

Brewer ModelWater TankMeasurementsBrew Sizes
Keurig K130
No reservoir; one cup in, one cup out operation11" ht by 10" depth by 7" width, 7 lbs8 oz only
keurig k145 review
Keurig K145
48 oz13.25" H by 12.25" D by 9.5" W, 14.9 lbs6, 8, and 10 oz
Keurig K155
90 oz13.25" H x 12.25" D x 9.5" W and 18 lbs4, 6, 8 and 10 oz

office coffee machines single cupKeurig K150 and K155 – Great For the Busy Office

These 2 models, released very closely to one another, are a little large scale, and have an option to connect to a direct water line. They will withstand more wear and tear due to their size and weight. Best suited, in my opinion, to a workplace with a larger clientele.

You can read my full review of the Keurig K155 here.

To connect them to a direct water line using a “plumber’s kit†(sold separately, look for the proprietary Keurig brand compatible with your model.) Whether you are receiving municipal, well water or an independently pumped supply, this option does necessitate the use of an external water filter in accordance with the product warranty. Before you proceed, definitely check with your business or company’s building codes first.

It’s not a necessity, but a high traffic area, however, could benefit from this water feed approach and not having to refill the water tank.

making coffee with the keurig officeproKeurig K145 OfficePro -Excellent For Small and Medium Offices

My sister in law who works as an administrator for Georgia Tech, shares the use of the K145 with a few other colleagues and I have had an opportunity to use it in a social setting. It is sized very much closely ti its home use cousins, the K45 and K55, but it’s designed to be more durable and hold up to wear and tear better in a public venue.

The one big benefit is that it has a tank drain/purge knob and setting which is a good idea when you are concerned with bacteria or buildup. The knob is located in a spot that makes it noticeable (and kind of funny looking at first too.) I have done the full review for the K145 which you can get the full scoop here.

The major points of consensus from users is that despite it being a little on the loud side, it’s a real workhorse and has a better cord, and that colleagues enjoy it (And some homeowners too, as they indicated in reviews that they bought it strictly for home use, desiring a little bit stronger machine.)

single cup coffee brewer for officeKeurig K130 DeskPro Brewer, Ideal For the Small or Personal Office

This is another beauty that has a good track record as a commercial unit that is solidly built considering its size -I also included it in the “smallest” lineup as well. The K130 would be an ideal choice if you are seeking a brewer for your own office that you may or may not share with others. It was designed initially for hotel and hospitality use in addition to small workspaces.

Check out my K130 review here!

Even though I work from home, yeah, I have my own office too, and that means I could make space for a little guy like this -I keep mine in the kitchen 😊 The K130 provides mainly an 8 oz brew size; you can adjust on a few things but contenders have said that it is best kept at 8 oz. -one thing I notice is it’s a little on the narrow side so not every cup may fit into the spot. The drip tray is removable and will allow for a cup of a max-height of about 5″. It is also a one cup in one cup out operation, so no reservoir – which may be just as well as it means one less thing to keep track of.

A few slight limitations -one being that you have to be more judicious in choosing a refillable kcup filter as it does not accommodate all of them -best one to check into is the Solofill. Overall, the DeskPro is a fantastic choice for your corner desk or office.


These days it pays to have the benefits of a brewer in your second home! Think about your firm or venue right now: how many coffee drinkers do you work around? Or do you already have a coffeemaker that’s on its last leg and your team has agreed that it’s time to upgrade to a newer model with better output?

What about the size of your establishment as well? These are questions that only you and your collective work group can answer on the whole when deciding which model to go for. You want not just you and your teammates, but those within your milieu, to have a pleasant experience, cup after cup. Good luck!

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Christopher Weible


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