The Top 5 Smallest Coffee Makers for One-Cup Brewing

The Top 5 Smallest Coffee Makers for One Cup Brewing

If you are looking for the smallest coffee makers for brewing K-cups, pod sachets, or even tea bags, you’ve come to the right place! I have got you covered, being one of those very consumers who chose the brewer I own currently on one of the parameters being compact size.

Being the master of a little bitty kitchen, I don’t want my main workspace being cluttered with gawky appliances. I know I’m not alone here – can I get an “amen”?

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Why Go For Smaller K-Cup Brewers?

If you’ve ever watched the show Tiny Houses you know small can be really dope! One apartment I rented was probably not much smaller than the kitchen I own now…I remembered that the countertop space could have accommodated high barstool chairs on the other side, but other than that compact appliances were the best bet. 

Take matters into your own hands with one of the smallest coffee makers on the market today that are affordable, portable, lightweight and easy to use! The findings I have compiled would work great for kitchenettes, RVs, dorm rooms, motel/hotel rooms, offices, lounges, and other personal spaces where you don’t want to have to deal with a bulky large appliance.

Keurig K10 and K15 Mini Plus – The Smallest Keurig!

Naturally mine made the list of top contenders, no doubt about it; as it’s claim to fame is that it is the smallest Keurig! Although it lacks a reservoir, it’s not a stumbling block for me in the long run. It accommodates 6,8,and 10 oz brewing sizes via a “staggered” chamber inside that is clearly marked. I use both K-cups and refillable K-cups by removing the brew holder assembly in the center of the chamber. There is a 19″ clearance between my countertop and the cupboard above-so I never have to pull it forward to fill it up from the back.

The one downside is that the Keurig Mini does not accommodate tumblers ( save for a few short ones) Other than that, though it fits the bill and would be perfect for college students, apartment dwellers, and anyone who owns a little kitchen. As of late, the more updated K15 version has come out and supplanted mine but it is very similar in appearance.

⇒You can read my full review of the Keurig Mini here.

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The Keurig Mini, smallest member of the family
Dimensions: 10.7″ length, 6.9″ width, 10.8″ high, Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz

Keurig B130 In-Room Single Cup Brewer

I know I called the Keurig Mini “the smallest Keurig” but I do take that back somewhat as this unit is pretty much close in size. It is a little bit heavier as it is a commercially-listed brewer intended for use in the hospitality world, such as for motel rooms or small offices. I liked this one as well and considered it before the Keurig Mini for its size. It too, stands just under a foot tall, The Keurig B130 stands at a height of 14″ when the lid in the back is raised during pouring.

You can check out my full K130 review right here.

The 8 lbs that was mentioned on the sales page is a little heavier than my Keurig Mini ( 6 pounds, 8.1 ounces) which makes sense as they are similar in size but the B130 is a commercial grade brewer. You can tell this by the little pictographics on the front that it was made for the workplace, it looks like a good solid brewer but the thing about the warranty applying to commercial use only, may have put off a few consumers.

(Click for info)keurig b130 in room brewer
The Keurig B130 In-Room Brewer for Hospitality Environments
Dimensions: 10″ length, 7″ width, 11″ height, Weight: 8 lbs

Aicok K-Cup Brewer

This little guy has not been on the market as long as the first two above as the Aicok company is a young one (they also carry a small assortment of other household appliances.) It is compact and narrower than the two Keurigs, and a real lightweight, weighing only about 2.2 pounds. Its major drawbacks are that the reservoir is hard for people to see how much water is present already.

Its max capacity is about 12 oz and the chamber/drip tray clearance is about 5.25 so it will accommodate most cups but not travel mugs. Also it’s a little tricky to tell if it is compatible with refillable Kcups – apparently some brands are compatible but not others. Those two negatives aside; this unit is portable, user friendly and has a very positive following for its shorter time on the marketplace.

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aicok k cup brewer
Aicok K-Cup Compact Brewer
Dimensions: 7.5″ length, 4.3″ width, 9.8″ height, Weight 2.2 lbs

Hamilton Beach Personal One Cup Brewer

This little lightweight makes a great gift and has all the advantages of the K-cup brewers except that it is not made for K-cups. You can use it with coffee soft pods, tea bags; which would include make-your-own…it may be just as well to look for the Senseo pods; but I did want to point that out. With half the girth of the Flexbrew or the other popular 2-way (which aren’t that huge to begin with) the HB weighs 2 pounds and can go anywhere you can.

(Click for info)hamilton beach personal one cup brewer
Hamilton Beach Personal one cup Brewer
Dimensions: 9″ length, 5.4″ width, 9.4″ height, Weight: 2 lbs

Presto MyJo – Small But Powerful Brewer Uses Pressure

When I first took notice of the Presto my first thought was “That’s a coffee maker?? Seriously?” The Presto MyJo is different in that it is not electric powered. The way it works is that you place the K-cup and hot water into the chamber and apply manual pressure to the inside chamber tube to brew. It was made with travel in mind but it looks like it may have came out very recently.

This unit comes with a reservoir marked with 6,8, & 10 oz sizes and a max fill line above 10. The reservoir can be detached from the black base and pump chamber and contents microwaved. The K-cup of choice goes into the black chamber; apparently there is a needle in there somewhere. There is also a refillable k-cup included with this set as well. Your mug rests below all the parts in action. This would be idea for camping trips; all you would have to do is be able to heat water over an open fire pit.

(Click for info)presto myjo single cup coffee maker
The Presto MyJo brews without electricity by pumping hot water through
Dimensions: 4.1″ length/depth, 4.1″ width, 9″ height, Weight: 14.1 oz

Top Smallest Coffee Makers Summary

Oh, this information was a little tricky to come by, but rest assured a little deep digging on manufacturer’s websites led to me being able to extract the gems. Sometimes it is not quick or easy to find a rundown of product dimensions on most websites.For my Keurig mini I double-checked the measurements and weighed it on a kitchen scale.

When you measure a box the sides are all uniform but with coffee makers (or other appliances) there are going to be arbitrary places like the cup chamber or the drip tray to account for. However, if you’re anything like me and you’re trying to nail down your choices to the smallest coffee makers I think this info will be very helpful!

Good luck to you and may you find enjoyment in your compact sized coffee maker!

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