Keurig K55 K-Classic Review

Keurig K55 K Classic Review

Rated by Jennifer

Rating: 4.3 Stars

Now I return to the classics yet again…This review is for the Keurig K55, also labeled as the K-Classic, as it’s labeled. It’s one of the more recent successors in the “Elite” series, and if you’ve kept up with my reviews on those, some of the information here may seem familiar.

Right now, it’s widely available in most retailers, and I had a chance to check out the Keurig K55 up close and personally at my local Krogers to enhance my recommendation of it further. If you have previously owned one of Keurig’s older models (e.g., the Platinum series), you might view this model as a step-down.

Keurig K55 Features

As one of The K45 Elite’s biggest successors, the K55 has all of that particular generation’s styling, function, and general appearance.

  • Included are three brew sizes (6, 8, and 10)
  • Average brew time – ready in one minute
  • Auto-shutoff
  • A 48 oz removable reservoir
  • Three indicator lights indicating actions Descale, Preheating, and Add Water

And yes, it does have open-platform K-cup adaptability (yay!)That being said – standard sized pods only…sorry, but you cannot use the “K-Mug” and “K-Carafe” pods with the K55 (those two are strictly made for operation with the 2.0 series)

What’s Included?

With the Keurig K55, you will also receive a bonus sampler pack of 4 -ups (one is hot cocoa, everyone claims), a start guide, 1-year limited warranty. I thought a water filter kit was also part of the deal, but I don’t see it explicitly stated anywhere. I did hear a few comments from consumers that they were trying out one of the 1.0 filters and found that it didn’t fit or words to that effect.

keurig k55 reviewDimensions

Ok…dimensions: 13.3″ height, 10.1″ width, and 13.2″ depth are provided on the sales page; this one is somehow different in that an array of images is shown, including details from the box, so I’m taking it as accurate. When the K-Cup chamber is fully opened, the height moves to 17.6″ if you check cabinet space first.

The three-prong power cord reaches a length of 32″ (nothing has been said about it being retractable yet), And perhaps the biggest biggie you are waiting for if you’re a traveler or commuter – yes, the K55 is good at accommodating taller travel cups; take into account the max height of a cup that space will permit is 7.1″ with the drip tray removed.

Keurig K55 Colors Available

The main listing page shows choices of Black or Rhubarb (a pretty shade of reddish pink). Since the K55 is a successor of the K45 Elite, which also included White and Patriot Blue, I assumed that those colors, too, are available in the K55. They are, just on different listings. (I had to enter the color name after Keurig K55 in the search bar…)

Drip Tray

This part is well made, with a one-inch depth; the drip tray will hold up to 8 oz of overflow for all those “oopsies” out there. The drip tray plate has this neat little design on it with a star shape cutout, which you stick your thumb into to pull it out easily. Also, it is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Remove the drip tray, and you can easily segue in one of the proprietary tumblers.


Like most of the “Classic/Elite” series, the K55 has a 48 oz reservoir, which will make a day or evening of brews hassle-free. To remove the reservoir for easier refilling, push up and out. The lid comes straight off. If you look at the interior side of the reservoir that doesn’t show when it is in place with the machine, you can see the max fill line near the top.

A small oval-shaped space is also where the water filter is inserted (facing the front). This water filter is the same black model with the wheel at the top, to which you can set the monthly reminder.

If you’re wondering, the reservoir doesn’t light up (I wish it did – I love that feature). Also, what is up with this…..As per the user manual, you are recommended to use only bottled or filtered water with our brewer (some people have used distilled water with no problem, which is fine since the K55 doesn’t have those 2.0 sensors that misread due to distilled water’s non-mineral state.

Keurig K55 Buttons and Controls

Basic operation includes a control panel on the left side. There are three indicator lights, a power button, and an auto-off button. No LED window, touchscreen, or any of that.

I’m puzzled when I look at the user guide, however – and I see the button/icons labeled as “5.25,” “7.25,” and “9.25”…Now I get that their respective even numbers are easier to remember in other locations, but it’s got the potential to confuse people.

What is the point of increments when whole numbers are easier to remember? Most people know the brew sizes by their respective whole numbers…6, 8, and 10.

Decoding the Control Panel Colors: “Add water” – Blue light, “Heating” – Red light, “Descale” – Red light, Auto-off – Green, and power – Green

Once again, pretty reminiscent of the K45 Elite, the K or B40, in terms of button and light operation. You may need no further explanations if you have ever owned one of those.

Keurig K55 and the K50 Compared

If you’ve been shopping for a while and were looking into the K50 which preceded this one, you may have wondered if it differs all that much from this one. In a nutshell, no.

The K50 model was released first and is slightly smaller in size and weight. If you’re browsing, you may find that the K-Classic is labeled K50 and K55, so if you happen to pick up the former in error, pretty much all of what is discussed here will still apply.

Same thing if you see “B50” or “B55” as well 🙂

Keurig K55 Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Well, the news seems happy….but on average, the K55 reviews are mostly good or satisfactory, but an emphasis on but…..there are also a lot of unsatisfied comments and remarks as well. With a large number of comments in general (surprising since this model hasn’t been out as long as you might think), combing through them all would be time-consuming, but there’s enough of a pattern established to make a determination.

What’s good…You don’t have to worry about DRM restrictions. The way the front panel slopes down just so slightly makes it easier to read and punch in selections (I agree with that one, too) few temperature complaints (this one does not have temp control, by the way ). Enjoy the speed and convenience.

keurig k55 k classic review

But then…One two and plenty of reviews by some flabbergasted consumers who have experienced that all too dreaded premature machine failure. Why is this? Happy and thankful mine is not having these problems…Quality control, perhaps?

Kind of made me reminisce about some of those older early 2000s models that had that nice chrome finish…I wish I could report something better, but it tells me that the K55 should go into the “good…but you can do better” category.


  • You can use non-Keurig labeled pods
  • You can use refillable cups
  • Expedient operation
  • Easy to refill the reservoir
  • Has auto-off
  • Accommodates tumblers (<7″) easily


  • Reliability overall could be better
  • It cannot be programmed
  • Does not have temp control
  • The standard water filter does not fit


The price of the K55 is comparable to the older member of its generation. Prices varied depending on the color too…When writing, it looked like all of them except the Patriot Blue were roughly $100. In succession from highest to lowest, it looked like Patriot blue, White, Rhubarb, and Black.

Besides that, your only upkeep expenses are white vinegar for periodic descaling. If you prefer to use your own coffee to save money, you definitely can with the K55, as it will take most of the refillable cups on the conventional market.

keurig k55 reviewSummary

Well…Is this a good fit for you? It depends. It’s somewhat basic looking and doesn’t have that high-gloss look. That’s just me…I’m a sucker for shiny things, yes, I know they show fingerprints, but hey, that’s the break. The K55 will pretty much do what you want or need, if that is to get a quick cup of coffee without frills.

If you’re still with me and you like the design overall, I think you can get far better reliability in a Keurig machine if you take a look at the Office Pro, whose design is very similar in appearance, but you also get benefits like the option to drain the internal tank and a stronger pump in general.

Overall, this is why I give it a score of about 4.3 – it’s fair, not the best, but not the worst, either. It will suit your needs if you’re a college student needing semi-continuous caffeination, someone who needs a commuter cup to take to work every day, or someone looking for the right coffee addition to their desk or personal office space.

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