Timemore E&B Burr vs Titanium: A Comprehensive Look

Hey there, coffee enthusiasts! Ready to elevate your coffee game? 

Today, we’re diving into the flavorful world of burr grinders, pitting the Timemore E&B Burr against the titanium-coated wonder. 

We’re here to guide you through the nuances of burr design and the magic behind a consistent grind. 

Let’s explore which of these grinders reign supreme in delivering that exceptional cup of joe and excellent grind!

Timemore E&B Burr: An Overview

Coffee grinder flat burr

Meet the Timemore E&B Burr—your coffee maker’s best friend! 

Crafted for multiple brew methods, these specialized burrs, available in stainless steel and titanium-coated versions, will help you achieve coffee perfection. 

Compatible with Timemore grinders like the Chestnut G1, C2, or Nano, these burrs promise a brewing experience like no other. We can safely say they’re a hit—especially for those seeking a consistency upgrade in their coffee grinds.

Consider snagging these burrs if you’re on the hunt for espresso finesse or rocking medium/dark roasts that need that extra magic your grinder might lack. 

But hey, hold up if you’re into smaller, denser coffee beans or thinking of upgrading to a C2 model—these burrs might burn a hole in your pocket!

Now let’s get geeky with the details: the auger here is all teeth, giving your grind that extra twist. 

And that rim? The E&B flaunts bigger teeth and a nifty beveled ejection port. It’s like a mini coffee wizard, right in your grinder!

Timemore E&B Burr Titanium: An Overview

Manual coffee grinder

Introducing the Timemore Titanium Burr—where durability meets precision! 

These grinders have become the coffee enthusiast’s dream, thanks to their titanium-coated burrs, famed for their resilience and razor-sharp endurance. 

Made for both espresso and pour-over magic, they’re the Swiss Army knife of grinding, ready to cater to your diverse coffee cravings.

So, thinking of an upgrade? These titanium burrs are the heroes for achieving those extra-fine grinds that some brewing methods demand. They maintain and even outdo the stainless steel counterparts, catering to pour-over and immersion styles like a pro.

Now, why the hype? 

Simple: they deliver exceptional performance in both espresso and pour-over styles. 

And the secret? Dual-purpose burrs that whip out a fine, consistent grind, no matter the brewing method. As for the durability: it’s like having a coffee superhero in your grinder, keeping those burrs sharp for the long haul.

Sure, they might take a smidge longer to grind than stainless steel, but trust me, the particle distribution and those finer sizes are worth it. If you’re into espresso or pour-over methods, these grinders will be your new coffee companions, no doubt!

Timemore E&B Burr vs Titanium: A Comparative Analysis

Next comes the ultimate showdown: the Timemore E&B Burr versus the Timemore E&B Burr Titanium. We’ve got the insider scoop for you, coffee lovers! 

Video Overview | Timemore E&B Burrs

Let’s dive in and unravel the finer details to see which one’s the winner:

Performance Evaluation

As mentioned, the E&B Burr excels in delivering consistent grinding for both brewing and espresso methods, making it a versatile companion for different brewing styles

On the other hand, with its famous Spike to Cut technology, the Titanium set ensures superior precision by spiking and cutting beans. There’s no finer grind than this! 

And while it might take a bit elbow grease to achieve this fine grind, the Titanium promises uniformity and efficiency. This one goes to you coffee enthusiasts with a penchant for exacting precision in your brews.

Winner: The E&B Titanium Set

Best For

Seeking consistent grinding across all brewing methods? The E&B Burr might be your perfect match. To be more specific: for pour-over and immersion methods, the E&B Burr stands strong.

But hey, if you’re all about that extra precision, the Titanium’s Spike to Cut technology might just make your coffee dreams come true. It’s also one of the perfect burrs for espresso.

That said, it’s our place to warn you of the rub issue on the E&B Burr at settings below 10 clicks in certain models.

Winner: The choice ultimately depends on your coffee needs and, of course, your love for that perfect cuppa!


The E&B Burr Set knocks at around 55 dollars, a nice upgrade if you’re hunting for consistent grinding across various brewing styles. 

Now, the Titanium comes in at 70 dollars, a tad pricier, but that Spike to Cut technology and that precision – oh my!

Winner: The E&B Burr Set


Still burning with questions? I got you covered, fellow coffee lover!

What burrs are best for espresso?

Dirty coffee grinder

Selecting the right burrs for espresso depends on your preferences. For a fine grind essential in espresso making, conical burrs are often recommended due to their precise grind size control.

What are the different types of grinding burrs?

There are mainly two types: flat and conical burrs. Flat burrs grind coffee between two parallel rings, offering uniform particle sizes. Conical burrs crush beans between a stationary surface and a rotating one, yielding a more varied particle size, ideal for espresso.

What is the difference between titanium and stainless steel burrs?

The key contrast lies in durability. Stainless steel burrs are robust and cost-effective, while titanium-coated burrs offer increased longevity and sharpness due to the coating’s hardness. 

Both produce excellent brews; the choice depends on longevity versus cost.

What is the difference between S2C burr and E&B burr?

Both burrs aim to provide a more consistent grind size, crucial for achieving the desired flavors in espresso. The S2C burr, found in the Chestnut X grinder, is designed to offer consistency in grind size. 

Meanwhile, the E&B burr also focuses on consistent grinding but is specifically geared toward producing a finer grind necessary for espresso extraction.

The Verdict

In the end, both burrs are champions in their own right, each bringing something unique to your coffee game. 

So, whether you’re brewing up that pour-over perfection or extracting an espresso symphony, your choice between the E&B Burr and the Titanium ultimately depends on your coffee adventure preferences. 

It’s a battle of precision, consistency, and the pursuit of that exceptional cup of joe!

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