Best 5 Cup Coffeemaker 2022 – Reviews + Buyers Guide

best 5 cup coffee makersWelcome to my latest post! In it I’m going to talk about finding the best 5 cup coffeemaker for your home or office. . I know this blog has been dedicated almost exclusively to the single-serve model, but sometimes there are days when we (myself included) want something that’s..well, more in-between.

Most common drip style models are equipped with 12 cups, which is more than we need…luckily, enter the 4 or 5 cup brewer made for those days when you want a little bit more, something that will also fit nicely in an RV, kitchenette or dorm room, If you’re living alone or it’s just you and a roommate, or your better half, this may be just the thing you need.

So how did I evaluate these models? The same way I do all the others.

Performance, longevity, value. How popular were they? How easy to use? Special features like programming?

Of course, like one cup coffeemakers, they are not all created equal. Let’s take a look at my top 5 picks, shall we?

Black and Decker CMO700BZBlack and Decker CMO700BZSee on Amazon

1) Black and Decker CMO700BZ

This is the one I currently own and happened to make the list. It actually belonged to my boyfriend who loaned it to me after I was making noises about seeking a 4-cup maker. I don’t think he used it much he said be got it to take on trips because of his disdain for motel room coffeemakers. I didn’t know if they were 4 or 5 cups at the time,

All I knew is that there is always a type you see in motel rooms. After giving it a good cleaning, this little wonder makes the list. The little piece that goes in the carafe, is missing,. doesn’t affect performance however.I cover that space with a small Tupperware lid.

The permafilter brew basket, I’m not sure what its threshold is, but I put in 4.5 tablespoons of grounds easily.(.I do like coffee a little on the strong side. )

I love the carafe. It’s nice and strong. Ergonomic handle is great, too. Nice shape that resembles a science beaker -these are some of the best-pouring pots out there! Only the Ninja brand line carries these.The carafe, like most 5-cup brewer pots, holds approximately 24 oz.

It’s not without its quirks – and some of the people in the reviews section echoed some of my sentiments. First of all, and this could just be a design flaw and nothing more- why is the water compartment so much larger on the left side? You also notice the way the light is on the left too. Weird. I’m a right-handed user, like most people, no offense to “lefties” out there, but was this thing designed with left handed people only in mind?

The water view on one side is great, I can see how much I poured in there.

What I like about it:

  • Nice sturdy carafe
  • It percs, no runoff or overflow, does what it’s supposed to do.
  • Fits in small spaces

What I don’t like as much:

  • It’s ambiguous whether or not it shuts off -the “on” light stays blue
  • I wish it had a timer

Holstein Housewares - 5-Cup Compact CoffeeHolstein Housewares – 5-Cup Compact CoffeeSee on Amazon

2) Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Drip Maker in Different Colors

I would’ve jumped on this one right away a few years ago if I knew that snazzy red one was an option…A great way to add a touch of functional class to your kitchen, this baby is what you want to get. It also comes in mint green, teal, and yellow. At just under 10″ in height and 6″ deep and 8 inches wide (I think those last two got reversed, though) It will fit in the smallest space and comes with a filter and scoop. The company also includes a 1 year warranty.

Oh, and as a special precaution, be sure and switch it off or unplug it before you leave the house. It does NOT have auto-shutoff.

What people liked:

  • Attractive looking colors
  • Makes good coffee

What people didn’t like as much

  • The carafe seemed delicate (handle carefully)
  • No auto-shutoff

Mr. Coffee Programmable 5-cup BrewerMr. Coffee Programmable 5-cup BrewerSee on Amazon

3) Mr Coffee Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker

And yes, we circle back to good old reliable Mr Coffee. My other drip model (a 12-cup, naturally) is a Mr Coffee, and has brewed faithfully for 10+ years. It’s got a programmable clock built in which is what I love about it. This feature is harder to come by in the 4 and 5 cup world, but this little version has it.

Is this one able to stand toe to toe to one like mine? On the front base is the timer with hour and minute buttons to set it to start brewing so by the time you roll out of bed it’s ready via aid of the “brew later” button. Want to get a hot pot going for your guests’ gathering that evening? Just press the “Brew now” button instead. Included is a brew filter basket and a water filter screen that acts as a sieve to eliminate impurities.
What people liked:

  • Reliable
  • Fits great in smaller spaces
  • Enjoy the fact they can set it

What people didn’t like as much:

  • They had a hard time locating replacement filters
  • A few customers didn’t like the side hinge (as opposed to front)

KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter DripKRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter DripSee on Amazon

4) KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker

Another brand I haven’t given much attention to, this model is modern and stylish looking as well as compact. At a height of 10″, width of 5.71″ and depth of 8″ (I think the sales page got those two switched around again) it will not cramp your style in your small dwelling. A water view window is on one side. The “keep warm”burner will stay hot for about an hour.

If you do decide to use paper filters with the KRUPS…remember to look for the #4 size Cone shape.

What people liked:

The overall design

What people didn’t like as much:

Some customers said the carafe didn’t hold as much as advertised.

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker,Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker,See on Amazon

5) Capresso Mini Drip Black/Stainless Steel Brewer

A five-cupper that will look great in your office or small space, it’s the second one I’ve found with good ratings that can be programmed. It’s got a goldtone filter basket that rinses off easily after use. In addition to the clock function, the hot plate stays warm for two hours or until you switch it off.

What people like about it:
Nice design overall

Buying Guide

One thing to clarify here for those of you asking….a 5 cup coffeemaker doesn’t actually make five cups of coffee. More like 2 and a half, if you’re like me and you’re using an average cup size that holds about 10 oz. The typical carafe for this size holds about 24 oz of water (I checked using an actual measuring cup) , so you can easily make 2 tumbler sizes of 12 oz or just reduce the amount of water to about 2.5 cups (20 oz)

In size, here is my 12-cup and 5-cup side by side…You’ll notice it’s just a little bit shorter and slimmer.

five cup coffeemaker alongside 12 cup

Who is a five-cup coffee maker ideal for?

Single people who live alone, empty nesters who drink one or two cups a day, college students, off-roaders. They also use the automatic drip style method of percolating. The price range is ideal, too, much less than Keurigs. In most cases, under $35.


Did you find this list helpful? Good luck to you and thanks for trusting me with helping you to find the best 5 cup coffeemaker for your home or business.

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