Keurig K-Slim Review

The Keurig K-Slim hasn’t been out long but it’s caught on like a virus. With a compact design and most of the girth at the back, it’ll segue into cramped spaces easily. Then there’s the addition of a whole new brew head design that saturates the grounds in more places than one.

Is this all hype, or does it really create a better brewing experience? let’s find that out now.

Name and Model No

Keurig K-Slim, K900


This Keurig model is unique in that it is longer than it is tall. The dimensions given are: (on the sales page) “4.7” D x 15.2″W x 12.1″ H”

(Anyone else get metric titles like width and length confused? Hoping I’m not the only one…) 4.7″ actually refers to how wide it is if you’re looking at it from the front view (see below) As you can see, it is very narrow.

keurig k slim front view

It is about a foot tall in height, this part checks out. When you raise the handle this puts that part closer to 17″. The full length is 15″. Whether you want to call it “wide” or ‘long”, this is a brewer made to squeeze into narrow spaces easily so it’s ideal for kitchenettes, etc.

If you remove the drip tray, you can use a mug that is up to 7″ in height. The length of the power cord is 29″. Not a heavyweight at 6.22 pounds.

What’s Included

You’ll just receive the unit, unless you choose one of the “bundle” options that includes extras such as the starter pack of k-cups. It does not include a water filter. There is also a user guide, which is pretty brief at only 6 pages long. Then there is a 1 year warranty.

Colors Available

Black, Scarlett Red, and White are the color choices. Some of the pictures I’m showing on here are of a bluish-green model, I’m not sure if that was a color that was discontinued or it could be the “Iced Coffee” other model which states it’s gray, but as computer monitors differ somewhat it could be just the way it looks. Either way it was at the store for display purposes only.


    • Brew sizes: 8, 10 and 12
    • Multi-Stream technology brew head
    • 46-oz water tank
    • Does have Auto Shutoff


The water tank is rectangular and situated all the way in the back. Though this compact narrow size is great, and it’s definitely meant to align flush with a wall – it does mean you’ll have to pull it out from the same spot every time you need to refill it. It holds 46 oz of water -a moderate amount and enough for about 4 cups.

You can see a max fill line near the recessed area. Near the bottom is a black intake opening, you can see it is right in the center. This is where you’ll insert the water filter, if you plan to use one.

keurig k slim water tank


Drip Tray

The drip tray and plate (all plastic- same color) can be pulled out by the center hole and will catch a max of 8 oz of overflow.

Buttons and Controls

The controls are located just above the pod holder/compartment area. The circle shape that is being used on all the latest Keurig designs. It’s got 8, 10 and 12 oz buttons. In the middle, the big K, is the Brew button. On the other side is two indicator lights: Descale and Add Water. To the right is the power button off to the side.

keurig k slim buttons on top

There is not an explicitly mentioned High Altitude setting, but you can activate this by pushing the 8oz and Brew buttons together for 3 seconds to enable it.Also, if you push in the k-cup in the bottom and puncture that hole intentionally first, it helps.

The Descale light will come on due to a censor that detects it, after about 250 brews.


Is the “Iced” Version Different?

If you’ve been curious for awhile, and wondered about what is different. The size and shape is the same, all the dimensions still apply, except that it is gray in color. There is an “Iced” setting (icon that resembles a glass) where the power button usually is. So I will assume that part got moved to the side. You would push it and the big K in the middle to make use of. It will “sync” the right amount of water so no need to choose a brew size.


What is the Multistream Technology?

The Multistream technology is a relatively new concept that hasn’t been in the picture long – it’s a feature built into the brew head that involves four additional entry needles surrounding the center one. If you look under the top compartment, you’ll see them right away.

The whole premise is that with five puncture points as opposed to 1, the coffee grounds can get saturated in more places, leading to better extraction. When the K-Slim was first introduced last year, it was designed with one needle but only recently it has been given the Multi-Stream makeover. The downside of more needles, is that many more to clean. So you’ll have to be on top of this one, apologies in advance.


keurig k slim reviewKeurig K-Slim Consumer Reviews and Ratings

So how much do people love this one and the five piercing points? ( Or are they pain points? ) Some people liked this design better, others thought it was just a bone of contention and made more of a mess than usual, but it did depend on what k-cups they were using. People liked the quiet operation…not as much “chug, chug, chug” noise. The average temperature of a typical brew stands around 187 degrees F. Not a lot of complaints there.

One thing that appears to trip people up is the Descale feature, you have to read your user guide, and make sure you set the brewer in Descale mode by pushing the 8 and 12 buttons together. Those who don’t do this have a hard time and keep getting that light that doesn’t go out.

Next, the issue of using refillable kcups is prohibitive for some people, since the only one that is verified to be a good fit is the one I’ve mentioned earlier -the Universal My K-Cup. Others if you attempt, because they don’t have those extra four holes, will block the additional needles form puncturing it and limit its function.

And don’t use the biodegradable pods, I didn’t know people were still using those or not? I discovered them one day and thought they were great…but apparently they don’t work well.Just a tip to pass along.

One minor nitpick, if you are considering red…people who bought that one said it looked more like a “pinkish” shade.It’s got a matte finish…this opinion is probably accurate.

keurig k slim reviews

Compatible Accessories

  • The Tall Water Filter Starter Kit – (this is the same model made for use with the 2.0 series)
  • The Universal My K-Cup -note: should be the NEW version
  • Most brands of K-Cups
  • Keurig Descaling Solution

The new design of the My K-Cup has multiple parts including a red plug which was designed to accommodate the new Multi Stream technology. You will need to remove it as it blocks the other four saturation points.The top lid is designed with five strategically placed holes that align with this new concept.

How Does it Compare to the K-Mini?

If you looked at that one, it’s a smaller “cousin” of the K-Slim…it does not have the five puncture points and is not as long.. The design overall, is pretty close.

k-slim vs the k mini

In all honesty, the biggest advantage of the K-Slim is the reservoir. If you didn’t miss it the K-Mini would be fine to look into. The chart below may clarify things a little:

comparison chart



  • Space-saving design that fits in small spaces
  • Better coffee ground saturation from the 5 puncture points
  • Accommodates taller cups
  • Auto-shutoff feature


May be limited to use the Universal My K-Cup filter


Is the price a good one for what the K-Slim offers? Well, it’s been under $100 as I write this….The price was about $10 more for the red version than the black or white, so there’s that. If you opt for the Iced version instead, expect to pay about $50 more to get that feature…whether or not you think that little extra is worth that much is strictly your call, depending on how important iced coffee is to you (perhaps in the summertime…)

Also, if you prefer to use your own grounds, you’ll have to get that extra My K-Cup -since I know of no other brands that carry that design with strategically placed holes.

Keurig K- Slim Single Serve K-Cup PodKeurig K- Slim Single Serve K-Cup PodSee on AmazonKeurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve CoffeeKeurig K-Slim + ICED Single Serve CoffeeSee on Amazon


Is it good? I think so. Is the new brew head design able to live up to the claims? Perhaps.

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