My First One-Cupper Gift Buying Experience…A Home Run

My First One-Cupper Gift Buying Experience…A Home Run

“It’s better to give than receive”

Guys do you have a friend or family member who hates making a whole pot of coffee? Especially when it is just them and they’re not expecting company coming? Well, a one-cupper unit is a great gift idea, and if you don’t want to spring for the higher-priced models there are a fair amount of smaller, more portable single serve brewers that don’t skimp on quality. Better yet, the kind that doesn’t need K-cup pods to operate is flourishing right now, so it’s a great gift idea, not to mention affordable too 🙂

I mention this because not too long ago I was shopping for a nice portable pod brewer too just like so many of you are. Dad’s birthday was coming up and he was making noise about wanting to make coffee by the cup more effectively and not have to deal with those pesky pots any longer. So I ended up picking out a popular choice…the Hamilton Beach 49970 personal size brewer. I ended up getting it at the drugstore for  a few dollars more than Amazon’s price.

It’s a great little machine that does not need K-cups (isn’t designed for them anyway) but instead the little round coffee sachets. About eight of them were included with the unit. This baby’s pretty compact, at only 9″ in height. Great for something to take to college, the office, RV or whatever small space you frequent regularly. And if you’re a go-green buff, can’t beat it for not making use of those environmentally unfriendly K-Cups.


Well the verdict was a good one, Dad was happy with the little Hamilton Beach and it has been about three months and it’s working fine.

When not using the Melitta pods has made do with a basket/cupcake shape paper filter trimmed down in size to accommodate a tablespoonful of loose grounds easily and the brewer appears to make good use of that approach.

This little Hamilton Beach takes Senseo or Melitta pods which are considered the best brands and they come in some great flavors too!

The holidays are right around the corner if you’ve got someone on your list seeking a one-cup brewer with minimal fuss, so make good use of your shopping excursion 🙂

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