Single Serve Coffee Makers That Work Without Pods

single serve coffeemakers without podsSingle Serve Coffee Makers That Work Without Pods

Are you looking for a single cup coffee maker that’ll give you what you need, and without pods? Fear no more, I have got you covered ( or is that “caffeinated”?)

I know what you are thinking, “I would love to have that one cup convenience but gosh, I don’t like the idea of all those wasteful K-Cup pods at the end of each session!” Have no fear, as there are certainly some single cup coffee makers that operate using ground coffee, no joke.

Designed with a permanent filter, all you have to do is drop in the desired amount of grounds, making your experience as clean, convenient and easy as possible, without skimping on quality.

The best part is that every one of these models below is that they are all under $50 (except for the Kitchen Aid) Thus proving that good quick coffee minus pods doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Pro Tip: “K-cup pods” often get confused  with “soft pods”. These are totally different coffee delivery devices. It’s tricky to make that distinction after K-cups got called “pods” universally now…With the models below, you can also use sachet shaped soft pods as well as grounds.

Hamilton Beach Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

One of the very best single serve coffee makers that operate without pods would be the Hamilton Beach Scoop – it’s a great affordable alternative to the more “sophisticated” models discussed here….it’s a sleek unit that actually works with grounds and a fill line to prevent overfilling. It’s without a large footprint, has a permanent filter and a pulse setting for more robust flavor. The stand also flips over to accommodate both tall mugs and regular sized cups.

Courtesy of my sister in law, who owns the Hamilton Beach Scoop for home use and has a fairly good consensus on it. I would definitely consider it for myself as well. With an attractive stainless steel finish and a 14-oz tumbler to boot, you’ll be thrilled to make this your weekday and weekend brewer since you can brew regular sized mugs on those take-it-easy days and tumbler sizes that you can take on the go. It’s got auto-shutoff too, for those days when you may be more rushed.

There’s honestly not much to dislike about this one at all – can’t find a single beef with it! Your coffee will be done and waiting for you within a threshold of 90 seconds and a minute and a half depending on which size mug you plan on using.


  • Attractive, elegant stainless steel finish
  • Cup rest that can be flipped around for different cup sizes
  • Includes a matching 14 oz tumbler


None that come to mind so far 😃

Bella One Scoop One Cup

I think this one is nice looking, it also has a few different color choices besides black, such a a stainless steel, red, and red with black accents. An adjustable drip tray that moves up to accommodate different size cups or mugs and a fairly small footprint are two of its features. It also comes with a perma-filter that can be easily rinsed clean.

I like it on the outside, but on paper, I don’t get the impression everyone is in love with its performance. I would call this one particular single cup coffee maker without pods a “maybe”


  • Attractive design
  • Has an adjustable stand
  • Has a perma-filter
  • Economically priced


  • There is no auto-shutoff on this model.
  • It does not accommodate many tumblers easily (due to the tray, no doubt)
  • The permafilter, if a replacement is needed, may be hard to locate.
  • Also a number of unsatisfactory performance reports.

Kitchen Aid KCM0402ER Single Serve Brewer

I was drawn to this one for its semi-retro look – and it comes in some unique colors, including my favorite – red. In addition to leeway to scoop your own grounds into the included goldtone basket to get the size and  strength you need, you also receive a complementing 18-oz tumbler.

It’s a little bit taller than a few of the others – which will allow you to use other travel mugs interchangeably. As a guideline you will need to position this unit in a more open space than under a cabinet as it has steam vents on one side; and definitely be careful when handling that area when brewing is in process.


  • Color choices: Red, Brown, Black and Silver
  • Attractive design
  • Included handy 18-oz tumbler
  • Includes a goldtone filter basket (or you can also use paper filters)


  • Be careful of the steam vents near water filling area
  • Some consumers felt like the basket could be a little sturdier

AdirChef Grab N’ Go Single Serve with Tumbler

I really like this one too; I feel it’s the second best single serve coffee maker with no pods operation after the “Scoop”. As its name implies it’s made for people on the go with busy lives, but doesn’t compromise on appearance.

It comes with a quality 15 oz travel tumbler and with 6 additional color choices besides black to choose from and what I think is really cool is that the included tumbler trim and permafilter have the respective matching color too!


  • Great color choices
  • well-made
  • has auto-shutoff
  • Ergonomically designed tumbler that will fit most all vehicle holders and allow the drinker a comfortable grip
  • Nice size, stow and go functionality.


At the moment can’t think of any, other than the possibility that if you try to use a shorter mug you may run the risk of getting splashed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this one as this is one no-pods single cup coffee maker that can really go places, literally and figuratively! Many positive reviews and pretty well-deserved. Great for the office, RV, camper, college dorm, or for traveling.

Black & Decker CM618 Single Serve

It’s not as exciting to look at but it does seem to do a good job as advertised. It has got the addition of a 16 oz tumbler that you can take your coffee with you wherever.

It’s a lightweight at just under 10″ high, and a good option to consider if you need a good machine to fit in with the daily commute. A no pods single cup coffee maker that can also accommodate (optionally) the use of soft coffee sachets in the included basket and permafilter.


  • Included tumbler
  • power indicator light
  • Auto shutoff
  • Works as advertised


  • The included tumbler is not insulated thermally so it may be good for short-term temp control only.
  • You could probably only use mugs close to this height easily since something shorter may cause a splashback on you.

No Pods, No Problem!

The choices above are great for what you are looking for -a single cup coffee maker that works without pods, and has the added advantages of being inexpensive, easy to carry and transport, clean and keep up, and will give you all the hot and satisfying coffee you need to start your day!

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