Check Out This Star Wars Keurig Style Pod Brewer

Star Wars Keurig Style Pod Brewer (And Other Characters)

Are you a Star Wars fan? Or perhaps another character that you’ve always idolized…Check this out – there’s a line of character-themed single serve brewers…and better yet they also come with their very own matching character theme mug too! I just ran into this not too long ago and couldn’t help thinking what a great gift idea for a die hard fan.

My husband and I both love Star Wars and all the memorabilia….so this brewer no doubt caught my eye. He’s also a big fan of the Marvel comic characters always keeping up with the newest movie releases and all. Too bad he’s not a fan of coffee (other than the aroma of it) so something like this would probably get exclusively used by yours truly:)

At the time of writing this puppy was under $30 – that’s a great deal considering the addition of the mug too. It’s got one of those basket filters (K-cups need not apply) a removable drip tray and as far as operation goes, it’s pretty basic – one cup water in one cup of coffee out. You’ll have to turn off the power switch at the base since it doesn’t have auto-off-on. The 12-oz mug has a cool Chewbacca imprint and the other brewers have respective character logos as well.

star wars keurigNot a Star Wars fan? No problem! The other characters in the retinue include Wonder Woman, Captain America, Batman, Superman and Mickey Mouse. It would definitely suit a college dorm, man cave, or keep it in the RV when traveling cross country. Only problem I can see is the fact that the basket filter is a rather ambiguous shape so if it got damaged I don’t know how you would replace it…you’d probably have to start using paper basket filters (which are the closest in shape and size) in the permafilter.

If you wanted to use a tumbler instead I think you could if you remove the drip tray unfortunately I didn’t see spout to tray clearance figures listed. The measurements provided state 9.1″, 8.1″, 5.8″ so it’s pretty small and since most travel tumblers are close to 7″ in height so this probably isn’t the best kind of pod brewer for on-the-go lifestyles.

All in all, if you’ve got a comic book character or Star Wars fan on your gift list, this novelty maker is a great idea!

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