Latest News: Keurig Announces New K Elite

Keurig’s newest release, the K Elite

Latest News: Keurig’s newest kid on the block is the K-Elite

The latest news (or brews?) to come my way is from Keurig Green Mountain with regard to their newest product release- the K-Elite. Apparently, the K-line is the newest generation..Word out is that it was released on 2/28 and due to hit stores as I write this. Next retail venture I go on, I will be looking for this one to cover in depth as it covers, I must say, a lot of bases.

More on the K-Elite story can be found here.

So if you can’t wait for me to get started, here goes: The K-Elite, in a nutshell, is a composite of features from the earlier days plus some new additions. It has a brushed metallic finish, as opposed to plastic outer materials, a range of brew size settings that now includes 12 oz, an iced drink setting, and a more generous (for its overall size) 75 oz water reservoir which would definitely minimize frequent refillings.. And yes, it also accommodates travel tumblers easily as well.

But the best news of all looks like you do not have to worry about any more of those hated DRM pod restrictions of the 2.0 series…so if you’ve got a collection just taking up space, this guy will happily accept them.

Overall, appearance-wise, it looks good…Looks sturdy; I remember a small number of consumers felt that the K-Select “looked cheap” on the outside. This one is pretty different from its K45 Elite predecessor. And all of the controls are located right in the middle where the brew chamber is. There is a digital clock that can be adjusted, and the different brew size buttons, plus the iced drink setting, are below it.

Unfortunately the video buffered horribly on the company website, but the reviews I came across, many were overwhelmingly positive. Now one thing to stress here is that many people received this thing free for test and evaluation and with this model being so new, lots of honeymoon stage remarks, so it may be a little skewed.toward a positive consensus very early on.

No reviews on Amazon yet but you can definitely check it out; it is a little bit confusing because the listing for the K575 is included in there, why, I have no clue, but you’ll see a thousand reviews and they are all on that one. So I have to say the night is young so I can only provide a partial vetting of the K-Elite for right now.

However, just based on the fact that things consumers want the most are well incorporated like no proprietary pod restrictions, tumbler space, and hot water on demand, I think you can check it out with confidence.

Update: Read the full review of the K Elite right here!

Let me know your thoughts…Does the K Elite look like a home run to you? Comments or questions?

5 thoughts on “Latest News: Keurig Announces New K Elite”

    1. Hi, are you referring to the “K-Carafe” pods made specifically for the 2.0 brewer series? Yes, they are still available…I checked with the big “A” today and did find some.

      Check with the “Grocery and Gourmet Food” section 🙂

  1. Jennifer, it looks like it does not use the garage that I like so much. All the things you mentioned above sound great especially the former DRM fiasco. don’t know much about it your article is the first one I have read and love. I just need to see if it has the capabilities of a setting to be able to use my stainless carafe if t does it would be perfect I believe. Thanks for writing this!! I appreciate you and your efforts.

    Take Care

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Yeah don’t feel bad, there was a time I used to pronounce carafe like “car-ra-fay” 🙂

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