Is Nespresso Better Than Keurig? (Which Single-Serve Coffee Maker Is Best?)

When it comes to single serve coffee machines, two of the most popular brands are Nespresso and Keurig, and both of them have their own independent followings. 

Their products are designed to brew a single cup of coffee at a time, and each have their own way of going it.

Is Nespresso Better Than Keurig (Which Single-Serve Coffee Maker Is Best?)

If you value the best quality coffee possible, then there are better, but potentially more expensive or time consuming options, however, because of how these machines work, they have gained a following.

However, there are some key differences between these two machines that make it, so there is likely a right choice for you. 

So, if you are seeing some great single serve coffee machines available, but you do not know if you should go for Keurig or Nespresso, then keep reading to get our evaluation!

Differences Between Nespresso And Keurig

In this section we will go through the main differences between Nespresso and Keurig machines so you can see which outclasses the other in certain categories.

Both of these products suit different people better, so working out which one is a better choice for you is important to do before you commit to buying one! 

Keurig machines are newer than Nespresso and were launched in 1998 whereas Nespresso has been in the business since 1986.

Nespresso machines are more focused on making an espresso without needing any training or more expensive equipment, whereas Keurig are more designed to eliminate the need for premade coffee to be sitting on a burner for hours.

A Keurig can usually make a range of drip coffees from an identical capsule, whereas, Nespresso can do this while also making espresso shots too. 

You can even find some Nespresso machines come with a milk frother so you can enjoy a cappuccino or latte. It is also worth noting that you can find pods that fit in a Keurig machine being made by a variety of companies, only Nestle make Nespresso pods.

How They Work?

Even though these machines have clear differences, they both tend to work in a pretty similar way. You will put a capsule or pod in the machine and then turn the machine on.

Then it will use water inside a reservoir which you have filled to make the coffee. This makes a lot of the process more automatic, but you will still need to do jobs like cleaning parts and refilling the tank occasionally. 

They both use pressure to make the brewing process faster, however, they do this using a different method. Keurig machines use a lower power pump for the water to pressurize the capsules, while a Nespresso machine creates high pressure in each capsule using centripetal force. 

Nespresso needs the higher pressure to be able to make a drink with the strength of an espresso. Some Nespresso machines automatically dump their capsules, but all Keurig machines require replacing the capsules manually.

How Much They Cost?

If you are going for a newer model of each machine, then generally speaking you will be paying more for a Nespresso than you will for a Keurig. A Keurig will usually cost between $70 and $150 whereas a newer Nespresso will be between $150 and $200.

However, if you are not looking for a brand new model, then you can find both at a cheaper price point. However, both are more expensive than a standard drip coffee machine. 

However, both of these machines cost a lot more per serving as well compared to drip coffee. A Keurig capsule will cost about .75$ whereas a Nespresso capsule can be more than $1 per cup. This cost can add up so it is worth considering when budgeting for the machine.

Is Nespresso Better Than Keurig (Which Single-Serve Coffee Maker Is Best?)

Environmental Impact?

There is one main drawback which you should consider when choosing to buy a single serve coffee machine and that is the amount of waste that they create.

Both of the pods used in the machines are waste, and even though some Keurig pods are made using plastic which can be recycled, the evidence for this recycling actually happening is limited. 

For Nespresso, the pods need to be mailed back to Nespresso so they can recycle them themselves because of the silicone lining, however, there has been evidence that this also does not happen.

Since Nespresso put the effort in to try to recycle their pods, then we see them as the slightly better option here, however, neither is a great option if you are focusing on your environmental impact.

Better Brew?

Compared to other coffee machines like a drip coffee maker or a pour over, the coffee made using these machines cannot compare, however, the Keurig brew tends to be a bit weaker than the stronger Nespresso.

However, there is more choice for the Keurig flavors and blends than there is for Nespresso. 

However, the flavor for Nespresso coffee also tends to be improved once you add milk which is recommended with a lot of their coffees. So, while the Keurig coffee tends to be worse, it is not bad by any means, depending on your taste, and it costs a lot less to get the machine and per serving. 

Any Alternatives?

There are other coffee makers being made by other brands that are slowly entering the competition. However, these also have their own limitations. For example, you can get a great result from a Spinn coffee maker, however, they are a lot more expensive.

A lot of people also love using an Aeropress, however, the process is a lot more involved than an automatic machine.


Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need on what coffee machine will be best for you. We recommend that before you choose between Keurig and Nespresso, that you make sure to properly assess if a single coffee machine is what is best for you. 

These machines do solve issues, but they also create them, so make sure you are not just getting one because they are a more affordable coffee machine, even though the cost of capsules is usually why these machines tend to be cheaper!

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