Trying Out Yet Another Hamilton Beach Flexbrew…(This Time the 49979)

hamilton beach 49979 reviewHi all, I realize it’s been awhile since I pushed out any new writings, reviews, or general ramblings….but I have finally got one. Well, I have to set the stage first. Anyway, long story short, I think the little compact sized Hamilton Beach coffee maker I got Dad for his birthday eventually conked out after a year. Rference more on this post. If you’re reading this now, I don’t know if that style is still carried or not, but that’ll give you an idea that it might be wise to skip that one if you’re thinking about it.

So this year, after the entry-level experience, I thought I would shop around for an upgrade. Dad’s birthday is in July and I just happened upon the same Keurig little size that I have. I’m delighted to report that I’ve had that baby for about 5 years and it still works great. Even though I must admit that I don’t descale it as often as I should. Full disclosure – I do not use it every day.

Maybe that’s part of it. I saw this very Keurig K10/15 over at Ollie’s, a popular new discount store chain, don’t know if you’re familiar with it or not.  I took a picture of it but as they say you snooze you lose and it got discontinued or sold out. I ended up getting a new Hamilton Beach Flexbrew – it’s a different model from the ones I talk about here.

For those of you who are shopping around, this is the model 49979. It came out in 2017, so basically, it’s been out about five years – which is a good time to make an evaluation on a model.

Interested or in a hurry? Check it out here==>>The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49979

What’s Included?

With the machine, you’ll get a quick start guide, manual, and 5 year warranty.It included a compartment (brown) for loose coffee grounds and then another compartment which looked to be the same size,but gray in color,that you use to put your individual pods into.

new hamilton beach


The size, quoted on Amazon’s sale page, states: 13.07″ ht x 9.92″ D x 6″ w (One customer quoted measurements for the width slightly different by a fourth of an inch, so it seems to check out.

Buttons and Controls

There are 2 buttons to the right of the brewing chamber., “Regular” and “Bold” brewing options.

Cup Rest

The platform cup rest, is generous looking, if you pull it out, you’ll get plenty of space to insert a larger tumbler. It’s made up of a metal plate, a cover, and the compartment, which doubles as a stow-all for the brewer basket parts. All of these items are hand wash and dishwasher safe, the user guide says something about not using the “Sani” setting on your dishwasher…

The platform is nice and sturdy, and with at least five inches of elevation, no splash to worry about.

The cup pictured is about 5″ in height. It seemed to work pretty well for that test brew…

hamilton beach 49979 review

After you pullout the tray/plate, the remaining base has a round depression in the middle with which to easily seat an average-sized tumbler cup. You can seat a cup up to 8″ in height in this spot.

Does it Have a Reservoir?

No, it doesn’t actually have a reservoir, this is a one-cup in, one cup out operation, strictly, On the side  you can see a clear “window” that reveals how much water is present. When you open the lid on top to pour in water, you may notice a plastic mesh looking “screen”.

The water compartment can hold up to 14 oz.

Brew Basket and Pod Catchall

The compartment you put your kcup pods into, is gray in color, the k-cup does not go in all the way so don’t push it too hard. You want to make sure the tab on the front is facing you when you put it back into the chamber.  The brown basket for grounds, is slightly conical shaped, and holds up to 3 tablespoons max. 

You don’t need to use paper filters with this, but if you do choose to (it’s all your preference) be sure and look for the #1 size.

There is another part, the funnel – which goes into the chamber first, then you insert the basket or pod holder adn seat them accordingly.

hamilton beach flexbrew trying out

My Review and Thoughts…

The tricky part is making sure you remove that apparatus in the middle, as the chamber won’t close with out it.  You want to be sure you hear that “click” when you close the chamber – if you don’t, it may be a sign you didn’t line up the holder parts correctly. I like the chrome look accents. I like that it feels sturdy as I manipulate the lever.



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