Refurbished Coffee Makers: What to Know Before You Purchase

The Skinny on Refurbished Coffee Makers

This happens to all of us- you’ve been in the market for something high-end and electronic, you run into the “refurb” category and noticed the lighter price tags along with the same standards of quality on paper. But you’ve probably had a friend or relative tell you “Buyer beware!”- perhaps they got burned by a “refurb”?

What I hope to accomplish here is to tell the truth about “refurbs” and how it is not all black and white. Maybe Uncle Joe was just unlucky when he got stuck with a  dud, or maybe he didn’t really do his homework beforehand. Refurbished coffee makers are no less or more risky than computers or other appliances.

refurbished coffee makers

What Does “Refurbished” Really Mean?

By definition, refurbished products are items that for one reason or another, may have been defective and were returned to the manufacturer, then had parts or mechanisms replaced or repaired, then tested, and are then re-sold to the public again.

Products are mostly electronic in nature and include many other appliances, including coffee makers. It can be tricky to gauge the outcome of the product because “issues” with the product run the gamut from functioning flaws to simply a box that it came in being slightly damaged, and that’s what trips up would-be consumers.

FACT: Most all consumer products that have been sold and then returned cannot ever be re-sold again with the “brand new” label. So even if it’s just the outer packaging that has superficial damage, the product could be in tip-top shape. For all you know, the box was opened but the product never got to see the light of day, or there was some kind of cosmetic issue-perhaps a scratch or ding. Either way the customer reserved his/her right to send it back for a replacement.

In other words, it’s possible to save up to 30% on something just because the box/outer packaging is a little roughed up or the box was opened.  Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Are “Refurbished” and “Reconditioned” the Same?

Both terms are very similar but cannot be used interchangeably because of one difference: levels of testing. Reconditioned and refurbished items have both been bought originally and returned for reasons of faulty operation.

However, reconditioned items have undergone more extensive testing/repair prior to re-sale. They are a little less risky in purchase.

That being said, whenever possible, look for the terms “Factory Refurbished” which is a good indicator that certain “industry standard” criteria is met when the product is tested out before being repackaged.

With a more independent seller or contractor working out of an in-house environment, you’re chancing it; the work may be up to snuff, but without the label of a “factory approved” environment, you’d have no grounds for recourse in the event of ending up with a dud.

Some consumer experts believe special care is taken with refurbs – so these products get subject to higher quality controls than large batches of units that have to be produced at a certain rate per hour, day, etc.

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Refurbished Coffee Maker!

I won’t tell you that buying refurbished is without risk in all certainty, but I can tell you what to look out for when you’re in searching and comparing mode.

✅Be informed of warranty information and read all the terms carefully.

✅If you discover “All sales are final” or “Sold as is” within the labeling; move on. Not worth taking a chance on. Although refurbished merchandise warranties are shorter in time spans, they should still be present,

✅Has a plausible return policy indicated within labeling or product information page.

What Does “Recertified” Mean?

Here’s yet another term that is easy to confuse people because “recertified” sounds almost just like “refurbished” Are they the same? Recertified products may have had more testing and have received a type of “factory certification” indicating the fact. So they may be a safer bet.For example, Amazon calls their refurb sub-category “Certified Refurbished” and defines these products as “professionally restored to working order”.

You can search under this exact label to locate these items. In terms of coffee makers,  a few that have been discussed and reviewed on this site do have refurbished options. In terms of customer satisfaction, they ranked on average somewhat lower than the brand new ones. Amazon’s “Certified Refurbished” line of consumer products are all backed with a minimum 90-day warranty.

Tip: If you look carefully you may come across a NFR “New Factory Refurbished” unit which may put your mind at ease if considering. Always look for that label so you can be sure that you are getting a product that met rigorous testing criteria.


In conclusion, yes, I would consider a refurbished product of my own choosing. My own computer monitor is a refurb and it has been satisfactory from day one. So you can’t believe everything you hear, but when shopping, you do need to take note of everything you read about a product, including all the terms and conditions.

Best of luck!

P.S. If you have a good story to share regarding a refurb product, feel free to share in the comments section. This would be very helpful to others considering!


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