Keurig B70 Platinum Review

keurig b70 platinum reviewKeurig B70 Platinum Review

Jennifer’s Rating: 4.1 Stars

This is a single serve Keurig brewer of the first generation (if it helps, think of Keurig brewers in the same way you do Apple products-first, second generation, etc.) This particular model came out around 2006, and it still enjoys relative popularity amongst those who prefer “classic old school” Keurig convenience.
I used to own a B70 too once until the water reservoir cracked…little did I know it could be replaced! So I can personally vouch for why I like the pre – 2.0 styling so well. I still had a little homework to do for this review as this model got discontinued in the big-box retailer world.


The measurements are 13.5 by 13 by 10 inches and 9 lbs are indicated on the Amazon sales page; since the manufacturer’s site no longer includes the Platinum series I was unable to obtain a different sizing list so hopefully those listed measurements are in the ballpark. Apologies in advance 🙂


What’s Included with the Keurig B70?

Besides the brewer and its respective parts like the reservoir and drip tray and owner’s manual, there is a 1 year limited warranty…not a lot of bonuses are included.

The main listing does not mention any bonus items like water filters, K-cup samplers, etc. even though the image does show some coffee K-cups.

Manual available here (scroll to the bottom to find the download link):

Keurig B70 User Manual pdf


The B70 is called the “Cadillac†(as one owner put it) of classic Keurigs, this model includes a one-touch LCD lit control panel display window and various programmable options enabling the user to select the brew size, time on the clock, temperature, and auto shutoff. The removable drip tray can pull out easily for a taller mug to rest easily on the base.

The default setting is the “medium” cup size (7.25 oz/Small Mug) however the “default” can be changed, and the unit “defaults†to the last brew size setting used, until it is changed again.

Buttons and Controls

The front control panel of the B70 contains the menu options like the time-setting, temp adjustment and brew sizes. It is an LCD with a nice backlight feature when active. There is an on/off power switch is located at the back of the unit.

The backlit display panel shows the following statuses of operation: “Not Ready†“Ready to Brew†“Brewing†“Add Water†and “Descaleâ€. The Menu button gives you customizable control using the two round buttons to the left and right of it.

Keurig B70 Brew Sizes

The Keurig B70 includes 5 cup sizes: 3.25, 5.25, 7.25, 9.25, and 11.25 (Just remember  they are all “odd†numbers and you’ll be fine) Although the representative icons in the display window do not show these sizes, you kind of need to go by the size of the cup as they are shown in ascending size order in the window.

These sizes are also known by their respective descriptors: Extra Small, Small Cup, Small Mug, Large Mug, Travel Mug. The default setting is the “medium” cup size (7.25 oz/Small Mug) however the “default” can be changed, and the unit “defaults†to the last brew size setting used, until it is changed again.

Keurig B70 Water Reservoir

The Keurig B70 has a fairly generous side-mounted removable reservoir; it holds 60 oz of water; the equivalent of roughly 10 cups; it is easily refilled at your nearby sink or just remove the lid and pour from there.

It also has a unique blue backlight as well. The reservoir illuminates with a continuous (unless switched off at the back) blue light when in place, which is a nice feature, especially at night. Or on those early morning workdays when it is still kind of dark out. Most consumers report that they appreciate the backlit feature.

The reservoir will accommodate a filter to optimize your water purity; it is not included with this model. You may be encouraged to use one unless you have a standalone filtration system.

Drip tray

The drip tray has a metal plate, both of which can be removed to accommodate a taller mug or cup. It’s nice and generous – will allow for 12 oz of overflow (wonder who needs that much, though..but nice, anyway.) According to the manual you are encouraged to hand wash both of these.

Temperature Settings

Most operation will take place through the LCD window. When the blue light blinks, you may also see “Add Water” in the LCD window indicating a low level. When plugged in and switched on for the first time it may take up to 4 minutes to preheat. It takes about 15 seconds to preheat between brews in which case you will see a red light instead of blue on the panel and “Heating” shown in the LCD window


The brew temp setting threshold is 187 to 192 degrees F. You can adjust the temp between these figures with the selection buttons, in the window the plus and minus signs will tell you if you’re going up or down. For setting the time h (left) and m (right) are shown, enabling you to set the brew time for the next morning if need be. The clock feature is strictly optional, but it is necessary for use of the auto on/off feature. The clock’s time, once set will remain set indefinitely, unless in the case of an out and out power interruption (e.g. unplugging it)

You are allowed to “interrupt” brewing cycles by hitting the on/off switch at the back of the unit. Many people choose to do this in the event of experimentation to get the “optimum†brew strength, which can always vary in terms of what’s “optimumâ€.


Keurig B70 Compatible Accessories and Parts

      • All 1.0/2.0 K-Cups irregardless of brand; there are no proprietary restrictions
      • 1.0 Refillable My K-Cups
      • 1.0 series Keurig Water Filter Assembly

One problem that I can foresee, is that due to the Keurig B70 being a little older than some of the comparable models, is that locating replacement parts, including a replacement reservoir (because, well, Murphy’s Law – things get dropped; I don’t judge)

At the most recent update (2/11/19) I checked and saw replacement reservoirs for more late models but not the Keurig B70. Sorry to have to report that – I like this model and wish that wasn’t the case!

Descale Procedure

The B70, like many models, is equipped with sensors that will let you know when it’s time to descale. it will show up on the display window of the control panel -it’s in tiny writing so you may miss it. It’s a good idea to be sure to perform the procedure with white distilled vinegar every 3-6 months. For this one step to remember is to disable the Auto-Off feature first.


  • Control panel has various programming options like being able to set the desired time for it to start brewing
  • Five different brew size settings to choose from
  • You can use any type of K-cup pod you want – no proprietary restrictions!
  • You have the ability to adjust the temp within a 5-degree threshold
  • You can intercept and restart brewing cycles if necessary
  • Minimal operation noise
  • You can set your favorite brew settings for a later date to retrieve when needed


  • The on/off power switch being at the back of the unit threw some people as it’s a little hard to see at first.
  • The little brew size icons that appear in the display window do not have the size shown on them
  • Finding replacement parts (e.g. water reservoir) may be difficult due to this model being a little older
  • A little pricey due to the “big box” guys not carrying it much

keurig b70 platinum reviewKeurig B70 Platinum Reviews and Ratings

Out of a number of reviews that exceeded the 2K mark that go back to the earlier 2000s but reach into the present, I can tell you that this was exactly the kind of model I wanted to go in-depth with. After all, too few reviews may be inconclusive when it comes to high customer satisfaction/retention, even if the overall score is pretty high (> or = to 4.5) and a dropoff point after a certain time could signal that a certain unit is not in its “heyday†anymore (though this may not indicate that it is troublesome)

It’s a fairly quiet unit…you should not wake up anyone with this model. At the most, you hear the finish-off “hiss†and you’re pretty much set. The average brewing time is about one minute, so it’s speedy. Preheating from a room-temperature state can take up to about 4 minutes on average, at which point you’ll see the “Not Ready†status.
Having these customizable options with minimum hassle seemed to be the most shared opinion, not to mention being able to bump up or down the temp, or set it brew so that their cup o’joe is waiting for them upon the six-o-clock alarm clock going off, plus being able to conserve energy output several ways was nice, too.

With even the best appliances you are always going to find a negative rating in the bunch, where the B70 is concerned, I am happy to report that the few negative comments did not raise any concern for alarm.


I thought the price could have been lower….I feel that is due to the fact that this model, being a tad older, is not carried locally at retailers which gives it that “harder to find” perceived value.

I did see various pricing options that were somewhat more reasonable in addition (Some may include the bonus items as well like K-cup samplers and filters too.)

If you search for the “K70”: listing as an alternative you may find that you may be able to get a better deal! I’m unsure why this is but I did want to point that out.

The not-so-good news is that some of the listings that show the lowest price are for pre-owned units. If you insist on new model your next best bet is to check out its successor, the B75 which is very similar in design.


This is a good model to consider if you’re on the fence about the 2.0 digital advancements; as you can have classic styling and function, but be spared of the anxiety about using the “right†type of Kcups or having to strategize this issue with various hacks.

The control panel design is very reminiscent of the Special Edition K65 with a few minor differences; so chances are they came out on the market close to the same time. So if you’re in the market for a first generaion Keurig with great features and a good reputation, this is the one to look at!

3 thoughts on “Keurig B70 Platinum Review”

  1. There are instructions on how to “purge” the internal reservoir in the manual.

    If your Brewer has not been used for more than one week, you should purge
    the water from the inner tank.
    1. If there is water in the Water Reservoir, remove the Lid, then lift the
    Water Reservoir straight up and away from Brewer. Discard water, rinse
    and refill with water. Place the Water Reservoir back on the Brewer and
    replace the Lid. (If there is no water in the Water Reservoir, simply refill.)
    2. Be sure the Brewer is turned on. Raise and lower the Handle on the
    Brewer without inserting a K-Cup®.
    3. The LCD Control Center will display “READY TO BREW”.
    Brew a Travel Mug (11.25 oz. serving) of water (do not use a K-Cup®).
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times to completely purge water from
    inner tank.

  2. Mark Dickehage

    Here’s a big con about the Keurig B70. There is no way to drain any internal water if you are going to store it. This sitting water inside could, and probably will, cause mold to grow in the unit. A very big oversight by Keurig. There has to be, and should have been, a way to get ALL of the water out and dry the inside. Somebody missed this at Keurig! Mine is now going to goodwill and I will stick with my old 12 cup coffee maker .

    1. I agree that’s not good…some of the later models do allow for draining of the internal tank (the OfficePro K145 is one example) Yep, mine went to Goodwill too(for different reasons as stated in my intro paragraph)

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