An In-depth Guide to Different K-Cup Storage Units

k cup storage unitsAn In-depth Guide to K-Cup Storage Units

If you’ve accumulated enough K-cups naturally you’re going to want to keep them in a tidy place. And you want them to be accessible in their own way, so you don’t pull out a Colombian roast when your visitor asks you for a decaf! Many times people buy more than one of these boxes at a time as they want to have a variety of flavor options available, and they’d like to have them in easy reach. If you’re looking for the best in k-cup storage units look no further. These tidy tools are great for the workplace as well as the home environment.

First off, there are two main storage tools that are the most popular: carousels and drawers. However, there are a few innovative-looking K-cup storage units out on the market as well to consider. As for myself, I use the refillable K-cups more often and so I don’t find myself storing them much…(other than the grounds themselves) I’m sure I could change my mind on that one… so let’s explore them all one at a time.

keurig pod holder carouselOption 1: Keurig Pod Holder Carousel

The first design was the Keurig pod holder carousel. They resemble a “lazy Susan” a little, and spin around at the user’s touch.. Most of them will accommodate up to 3 dozen little K-cups, and are made with electroplated or polished chrome. My problem with the carousels is that they all seem to look alike, but that’s just me LOL. Some of the carousels are short and some of them look like little towers. You can find them pretty much anywhere you can find a good selection of coffee products, meaning they’re pretty easy to shop for, and reasonably priced. There are a few carousels that are designed with a more two-dimensional look, with enough room to showcase a row of K-cups on one side and a second on the other.

Option 2: Keurig Coffee Pod Drawer Holder

Storage drawers came out in the last few years and came along to fill the need for as little countertop space used as possible. I like the storage drawers better because they are made to not only keep your pods together but they also are made to go right under your machine, too! The drawer is designed a certain way so that it slides in and out with ease while under the weight of the coffee maker itself. Many of them are designed with one flat tier but I have seen a few models that have a double-deck, and even triple-tier layout. Like the carousels, the drawers hold about 3 dozen but there are a few that hold a little bigger quantity. This 3-tier one I saw for example, made by DecoBros, holds up to 54 K-cups.

keurig coffee pod drawer holderStorage drawers are made in metal, plastic, glass top, and bamboo variations. That bamboo one had to be my favorite because you can’t go wrong with wood as it can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They are also being designed with two or three mini multi-drawers instead of one flat drawer..Now.that’s got to be a bang-up way to keep your pods straight if there ever was one! It also takes the stress off the unit to only need to open one mini-drawer at a time to pull out the flavor you want (providing you have an easy time remembering which drawer you designated for which flavor or type of beverage.) One particular by Mind Reader with multiple drawers, comes in a few different color variations, too, like red, white, and a variegated print.

AmazonBasics Coffee Pod Storage DrawerAmazonBasics Coffee Pod Storage DrawerKeurig Brewed 3-tier K-Cup Storage DrawerKeurig Brewed 3-tier K-Cup Storage DrawerDecoBros K-cup Storage 2 Drawers HolderDecoBros K-cup Storage 2 Drawers Holder


Additional Types of K-Cup Storage Units

Under Cabinet

This particular under cabinet holder does what it says; it mounts on the underside of your cabinet or pantry area and the hinged sides enable the owner to retrieve a K-cup as needed. It pulls out and pushes back, easy-peezy. If you don’t mind getting out the toolbox for a little bit of assembly legwork this is another possible storage idea that can work well. You’d definitely want to be sure that whenever you decide on its placement in your home that you don’t keep your coffee maker directly under it for the obvious reason that it’ll bump it (unless you have a pretty high clearance from cabinet to countertop.) It will hold up to 24 pods total.


Pretty much what their name implies….they stand alone and don’t need to be affixed to anything. I have seen one that attaches to a refrigerator with a magnetized back, but I’ve never had anything with a magnet hold up long unless it was really light. (I don’t have one of those polished aluminum looking refrigerators that stuff stays on for good) There are some that sit up like an easel but the amount of K-cups they will hold is less that the other types described here.

Now You Know How to Organize K-Cups Like a Boss!

So which is the best coffee pod holder out of all these? There is no right or wrong answer here. There are many choices available to you. If you like the minimalist look, the carousels are great; if you are more concerned with kitchen “real estate” the drawers and the under-cabinet styles would work best. I’d say the standalone units would take up the most space.

The news gets better if you own a Tassimo machine or one that uses the Nespresso line…There are drawers made to accommodate Nespresso capsules and T-discs as well, and there are a few made specially for the Keurig VUE cups with that unique “lip” protrusion. In terms of size, there isn’t too much of a difference; only enough to support their respective coffee-producing unit. So the aforementioned companies have got you covered!

Now that you have some idea of how to organize Kcups, there’s no reason not to have them all in one easy-to-reach spot, whether that be in the home, or the office too. Don’t forget the hospitality sector, it will add a touch of class as well as convenience for your guests!

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