The Choice is Clear: Which Keurig Water Filter Kit Do You Need?

do you need a water filter for keurigIn this article we are going to talk about single-serve brewer water filters and the in’s and out’s of them, how they are helpful, do you always need one, what to do if you didn’t get one with your brewer, and much more.

We’ll also get into how to use them for maximum benefit. Because it used correctly they can make all the difference in good and great tasting coffee. Yes this handy device , it may be small, but it has a big part to play in keeping impurities at bay…you can’t see them but you know they’re there.

And you know that delicious cup of joe tastes differently when the water quality is taken into account.

Alright, let’s dive in! beginning with the first question, and an important one that I know you are asking…


Do You Need a Water Filter For Your Keurig?

Do you have to have one of these to have optimum brewing quality? Well unless you already have access to a good water filtration system, it makes sense to use one. In fact, many models and editions include them – they’re part of the package (more on that shortly…)

Any situations in which you wouldn’t…Such as: What if you’re already using bottled water, which is different from the municipal water supply in that it has already been treated to remove impurities. Just out of curiosity, I took a look at one of the bottles I currently use and on the label it says : “Purified by Reverse Osmosis”

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When you read all of the Keurig manuals, they always say something with this verbiage: “Always use bottled or filtered water for best results…” So if you’re already using bottled water, I don’t think it’s necessary. The purpose of the filter is to remove impurities like chlorine, sulfur, etc. that are present in tap water.

The same thing applies if you are using another type of filtration system, such as the Britta pitcher: It would be redundant. No need.

Does My Keurig Already Have a Water Filter?

It all depends on the model. Most of them do, with a few exceptions -  the smaller, more compact “reservoir-less” models – my K10 mini is a good example of one that does not. for the obvious reason that there is no room for one. Pretty much the litmus test is – if it’s got a reservoir, it’s designed to accommodate a filter, whether it was included or not.

Most likely, if you purchased yours brand new, it’s included. If you bought a coffee maker that was labeled in “like new” or a different condition, there’s a chance it might be missing from the package (read the description carefully…) With all my reviews on here, I make sure to indicate that the filter is part of the deal.

Other brands as well also make it standard practice to include their own proprietary water filter kit. kit.Also, depending on the model, the filters will look differently. If you own a 2.0 model, the kind you need will look differently than the one designed for the 1.0 series.


keurig water filter cartridgeHow To Use Your Water Filter Kit

A kit (also known as an assembly) consists of a device that is inserted into the reservoir of the coffee maker. If you look at the bottom, you should see the ridges where it is made to be inserted. The kit is constructed with a handle, a base, and a dial on top that you can set to keep tabs on when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

A cartridge (shown at the left) is a carbon-filled sachet that fits into the base before attaching it to the handle. Each cartridge maintains optimum water quality for a 2-month period of consistent use.

To insert your Keurig water filter you need to do a few preliminary steps: First, soak the new cartridge in water for 5 minutes, It may have residual carbon “dust” on it that needs to be rinsed off prior to use, so give it a good rinse under the faucet.

Now insert the cartridge into the base and when you put the base and handle together, line up the bottom in the empty reservoir of your coffee maker…it should click in place easily.

The video below will show you a good run-down of inserting your water filter assembly kit:

YouTube video player

Video Courtesy of Keurig, Inc.

Changing Your Cartridge

If you are using the top function on the dial that lets you set a reminder, you’ll already be on top of this one. Some Keurig models have the built in Maintenance Reminder feature that will help keep you “up to date.” When the time comes to switch out the cartridge, simply remove the whole filter kit from its seating at the bottom, and then by reversing what you did earlier to insert it, remove the spent cartridge.

Get a fresh one and repeat what you did earlier, and remembering to rinse off the carbon debris first, insert it back into the holder just as you did before. Now insert it back into the reservoir designated spot, and boom, you’re back in business.

Now we’re going to take a look at water filter assembly kits  – whether your brewer didn’t come with one or you misplaced or lost the one you had, no worries!

Water Filter Holder Assembly with 2 FiltersWater Filter Holder Assembly with 2 FiltersSee on Amazon

Keurig Water Filter Kit for 1.0 Models

This particular assembly is sometimes included with its respective coffee makers, but is also sold as a standalone “starter kit” and includes the handle, base, and 2 cartridge refills. The round dial at the top has numbers 1-12 on them with which you can set it to the month you are in so you can keep tabs on when to change the cartridge. You can set it to the month in advance that you’d like to be reminded of or to the current month; whichever you prefer.

It it is made to fit with the “old school” Keurig models easily, with a few exceptions. The ambiguity here was resolved by one call to a company representative and I got my answer – NO it is not compatible with the Vue series . Sorry to have to report that as this exceptional brewer is designed differently.

Nevertheless, this filter has a lot of satisfied users, I discovered, happy with the ease of use and the improvement in the taste of their respective beverages.

TO CHECK FOR COMPATIBILITY: Look for the serial number on your brewer. If the first 2 numbers begin with the number 48, this kit will work. The same thing applies to owners of Breville models as well.

Compatible with:

  • Keurig K45, K60, K65, K70, K75
  • Cuisinart SS-700
  • Some Breville models

It is NOT compatible with:

  • The Vue series models
  • The Keurig 2.0 models
  • K-Compact
  • K-Select
  • K-Elite
  • K50 (Classic)

Keurig Starter Kit Replacement for Keurig 2.0 Coffee MakerKeurig Starter Kit Replacement for Keurig 2.0 Coffee MakerSee on Amazon

Keurig 2.0 Water Filter Kit

The 2.0 Starter Kit is made to work with all of the Keurig 2.0 models excluding the K200 and 250. If you go back to my review of the K250 you will learn that the reservoir shape is quite different from its successors, with its “wrap around” design. That particular model comes with its own filter holder assembly which, when viewed up close, is a shorter version of the one I’m describing here.

Like its 1.0 predecessor, it has a dial on top, flat down so you can only see it from the top view…here you can adjust it to reflect the month in which you first set it up. You can also opt to have a friendly reminder periodically from the panel settings…You want to check the “Enable” setting for the Water Filter Reminder setting from the touchscreen panel.

Like the 1.0 above the bottom part of the holder needs to line up with the correct slot inside the reservoir and you should hear a “click” in place to know it’s secure. You have to pinch both tabs firmly and pull. Some people I found in my research, were frustrated with the 2.0 version in that they found it difficult to separate the pieces of the assembly.

There were a few reports of broken tabs here and there. I could sense the discouragement in that they found themselves having to purchase a whole new assembly kit when all they needed was that one part!

This may be something to think about if you have any dexterity limitations (e.g. arthritis) in which case you may find it troublesome; but I have heard that some ease of part removal was achieved by soaking the assembly bottom in some hot water to loosen the parts.

The dimensions of the 1.0 and 2.0 are about equal: Manufacturers’ listed them as 2.4″ L by 1.6″W by 8.2″H.

Compatible with: The K400 and K500 series

Keurig Starter Kit Replacement for KeurigKeurig Starter Kit Replacement for KeurigSee on Amazon

Filter Kits for the K200-300 Series

These models have a different style and shape reservoir and require a different sized filter. They have the same design as the 2.0 series, but are shorter in height. The replacement and insertion of them remains the same procedure. Also included with the cartridges.

This size is compatible with:

  • The K200 series
  • The K300 series
  • The K-Duo

Where to Buy Replacement Filters and Cartridges?

I looked both of these up on the main company website (the 1.0 and 2.0 were priced exactly the same) but I discovered you can get a better deal on Amazon at the time of writing…plus a few listings also include extra accessory bonuses.

These are difficult to find at local retailers from what I could see. You can also buy the cartridges alone and they come in bundles ranging from 6 to a dozen. This could also help you save in the long run.

6 Water Filter Cartridges (12 filters)6 Water Filter Cartridges (12 filters)See on Amazon12-Pack Compatible Replacment Filters12-Pack Compatible Replacment FiltersSee on AmazonK&J Replacement Keurig Starter KitK&J Replacement Keurig Starter KitSee on Amazon


So I hope this will be helpful for you going forward, in getting the right assembly and kit for your brewer.

Having better water quality will not only result in better-tasting coffee drinks but the performance of the unit will be improved overall as stray pieces of debris will not be as likely to find their way into the more sensitive mechanisms of the unit. So the choice is clear that drinkable clean water means clean-tasting coffee!

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