Cool Uses For Empty K Cups: Fun Ways To Keep your Stash Out of the Trash!

The Coolest Uses For Empty K-Cups! Save those used pods and make stuff with them! Like starting seedlings, and molds for bath bombs. Sometimes it’s tricky to know what to do…one reason is that there is that puncture hole in the bottom which pretty much means you will not be able to use them as drinking cups for the obvious reason.

how to reuse kcups

However there are plenty of things you can do with these little guys especially if you are the thrifty and resourceful type, or even if it’s just from lack of access to a recycling center (not always the case, but sometimes they take some looking.)

Use Empty K-Cups To Start Seedlings!

This is a genius idea I saw somewhere and if you are a gardener you’d be a fool not to take advantage of this one for getting seeds started! Used k-cups are perfect due to their size and the puncture hole because you’ve already got a ready – made drainage hole which seeds and plants need as they are being watered.

Pro Tip: Grab a Sharpie and label each k-cup so you know what kind of seed is in ’em…easy-peesy

Now me, I am not a full-fledged gardener but I do enjoy experimenting indoors with various seeds and small plants as a hobby. The small cup size is sufficient enough to help seeds germinate effectively.If/when the juvenile seedlings outgrow them you can then move on to bigger Dixie cups as the next step.

kcups to start seedlings

Use K-Cups As Bath Bomb Molds

Do you enjoy making your own bath bombs, fizzies, and other spa time delectables? Or do you want to learn how? You can save the money you might spend on one of those fancy molds and just use empty k-cups as molds instead! I first saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was well worth sharing here. If you have all the ingredients on hand, you should be able to fill your empty kcups with the mixture and proceed as normally.

Pro Tip: If you need to seal off the puncture hole for any reason and you’re not planning to use them for food-related reasons, you can use a hot glue gun to seal off the hole.

Make Great Toys and Tools For Kids

If you have kids empty k-cups are great fodder for toys or crafts. K-cups can make cute little animals or people with the addition of markers, yarn, pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes. Permanent markers will color on them easily without smudging. You may want to supervise with a glue gun however.

kcup toys

K-Cup Party Light Covers

This genius idea came to me out of nowhere so I am using some of my cup stash to transform into midget light lantern covers. Make cute little light shade covers for mini-midget string lights via k-cups! Don’t forget, you can always decorate them too with markers and jazz them up a little. You might could add a few stickers here and there, but limit to a few as they may obscure the light that will come through.

With the use of an X-acto knife or an awl pierce the bottom of the kcup in the center, so it will be big enough to accommodate a midget light.

k cup light cover

Push each midget light through the holes you made; they should stay in place easily without any other tools. When you plug it in they should look really fantabulous! Here is how mine turned out:

k cup light string

Organizer For Knickknacks

This is a good way to do double duty – recycle your empty cups AND if you’ve got one of those carousels even better! Use the empty kcups to stash your little stuff like jewelry or office knick-knacks like gem clips or thumbtacks, and set them in the carousel to keep them handy. A real win-win for little stuff that’s hard to keep together and it will look great too!

kcup organizer

Well these are five good ideas to start with…are there any others you might could think of that qualify as good uses for k-cups? Let me know in the comments if you do!

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