Baratza Encore vs Fellow Ode: A Clear Comparison

The Baratza Encore and Fellow Ode coffee grinders are two prominent contenders in the coffee brewing world, each vying for the attention of coffee lovers and enthusiasts.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect grind for your morning drip coffee or looking to experiment with brewing methods, this comparison will provide valuable insights.

To guide you through this comparison, we’ll highlight essential aspects such as origin, build quality, grind settings, weight, dimensions, accessories, power and voltage, grind time, noise levels, and price range for both the Baratza Encore and Fellow Ode.

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped to select the grinder that best suits you based on an informed decision. 


Before diving in, let’s have a look at the history of both coffee machines:

Baratza Encore

Baratza Encore Coffee grinder

The story of the Baratza Encore begins with a name that’s well-known and respected in the coffee industry. Baratza, based in Seattle, Washington, has earned its place as a trusted brand among coffee aficionados.

With a focus on designing grinders tailored for home use, Baratza has carved out a niche for itself, providing high-quality grinders that cater to the specific needs of coffee lovers.

The Baratza Encore, one of their well-regarded creations, embodies the culmination of the company’s expertise in crafting grinders.

Fellow Ode

The Fellow Ode, on the other hand, entered the coffee scene with a unique journey. It initially made its debut as a Kickstarter campaign in 2020, successfully reaching its funding goal within a mere hour and a half, attesting to the buzz it generated.

This grinder emerged from Fellow, a company known for its distinctive and elegant coffee products like the Stagg kettle.

The Fellow Ode’s journey from a Kickstarter project to the Gen 2 model highlights the brand’s commitment to refining its offerings based on user feedback and innovation.

Build Quality 

The Baratza Encore is well-regarded for its reliable and straightforward build quality, incorporating a combination of plastic and stainless steel materials. Its durable construction, albeit less flashy in appearance, caters to those who prioritize functionality and longevity.

On the other hand, the Fellow Ode sets itself apart with a design that marries aesthetics and functionality. Sporting 64 mm flat burrs, larger than most home grinders, it’s engineered for precision and consistent grinding.

The Ode’s innovative design extends to its single-dose hopper, promoting the use of freshly ground coffee. The result is a visually striking grinder that not only looks impressive on the countertop but also delivers on the promise of quality grinding.

These distinctive build qualities cater to a range of preferences – from the Baratza Encore’s utilitarian sturdiness to the Fellow Ode’s fusion of form and function. It’s a matter of choosing between a dependable workhorse and an aesthetically pleasing, feature-rich grinder.

Grind Levels and Settings

Close up of coffee grinder

When it comes to grind levels and settings, the Baratza Encore offers 40 stepped settings that cover a broad spectrum of brewing methods.

Its simplicity makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer a plug-and-play approach. With easy-to-use controls, users can quickly switch between settings to accommodate anything from French press to drip coffee.

In contrast, the Fellow Ode elevates the game with 31 grind settings and impressive micro-adjustments, providing coffee enthusiasts with a finer degree of control.

The wider grind range and precise adjustments mean you can target the sweet spot for your specific brewing method, from pour-over to AeroPress. The result is a more tailored coffee flavor that suits your preferences.

Weight and Dimensions 

The Baratza Encore leans towards being a compact and lightweight choice. Weighing in at 6.83 pounds (3.1 kg) and measuring 13.8 x 4.7 x 6.3 in. (35.1 x 12.0 x 16.0 cm), it’s a space-efficient grinder suitable for most kitchen counters. Its streamlined design ensures it won’t dominate your kitchen space.

Conversely, the Fellow Ode, while slightly heavier at 10.1 lbs. (4.6 kg), maintains a modest footprint with dimensions of 9.4 x 9.5 x 5.7 in. (24.8 x 24.0 x 10.5 cm). This makes it an excellent choice for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.


When it comes to accessories, the Baratza Encore offers a set of practical components to elevate your coffee grinding experience. It includes a user manual to help you navigate the grinder’s settings and functions.

Additionally, it comes with a container and a cleaning brush. The grounds container conveniently collects freshly ground coffee, preventing mess and simplifying the transition from grinding to brewing.

On the other hand, the Fellow Ode arrives with a more specialized set of accessories. In addition to the user manual and cleaning brush, it includes a catch cup and a dosing cup. The catch cup effectively collects the coffee grounds, much like the Baratza Encore’s grounds container.

However, the dosing cup is a notable addition, aiding in precisely measuring coffee beans for a single dose, a practice favored by coffee enthusiasts. It provides an extra step of control in your brewing process, ensuring the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for your preferred brew methods.

Person Brewing Pour Over Coffee

Power and Voltage

The Baratza Encore operates at 110 volts and consumes 220 watts of power. This standard voltage makes it compatible with most household electrical systems, providing convenience and versatility. Its power consumption of 220 watts results in efficient grinding, delivering a consistent performance over time.

In contrast, the Fellow Ode operates at 120 volts, consuming 140 watts of power. While it demands slightly less power than the Baratza Encore, it maintains its efficiency in delivering quality grinds.

The Fellow Ode’s voltage and wattage specifications make it suitable for a wide range of home settings.

Grind Time and Noise Levels

The Baratza Encore exhibits commendable grind time efficiency, typically taking about 19.49 seconds to grind 30 grams of coffee beans. This means you can swiftly prepare your morning coffee without excessive waiting.

However, it’s essential to be mindful of the noise factor. The Baratza Encore produces approximately 80 dB of sound during operation. While it’s not excessively loud, it might disrupt the tranquility of your morning routine or disturb others in the household.

On the other hand, the Fellow Ode offers even faster grinding, with a grind time of just 8.87 seconds for the same amount of coffee beans. This quicker operation can be a significant advantage if you’re frequently in a hurry during your morning routine.

However, with 79 dB of noise, it’s almost as noisy as the Barazta at 79 dB. 

Price Range

The Baratza Encore typically falls into a more budget-friendly category, with a range of around $150 to $200, making it an ideal choice for those looking for affordability while still ensuring consistent grind quality.

On the other hand, the Fellow Ode positions itself in a higher price range, typically ranging from around $300 to $400, reflecting its premium features, including faster grind times and more brewing settings.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Baratza Encore and Fellow Ode are exceptional coffee grinders with unique offerings. The Baratza Encore is a dependable and budget-friendly choice, ideal for those who value consistency and reliability in their daily grind. It’s an excellent entry point into the world of freshly ground coffee.

On the other hand, the Fellow Ode, positioned in a higher price range, presents premium features like faster grinding and an elegant design. It caters to coffee connoisseurs seeking a sophisticated brewing experience.

The choice between these grinders ultimately comes down to your preferences and priorities. Both machines offer impressive grind quality, ensuring delicious coffee. Consider your budget, desired features, and the importance of luxury aspects in your coffee ritual when making your decision.

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