Keurig K475 Review

keurig k475Keurig K475 Review

Jennifer’s Rating: 4.2 Stars

The Keurig K475 is just one of the many emerging 2.0 series brewers that lets you do a lot of cool stuff like multiple brew sizes, strengths, and temperatures-but it doesn’t stop there – it has adaptability beyond just the K-Cup. You can use it for making a tumbler of coffee to take along or a full pot carafe to be ready when company is coming due to its many multitudes of brew size options. There are customization options that may spoil you rotten given the chance. Be that as it may it does have the 2.0 technology which is not for everyone across the board, but if you like the idea of being able to crank out anything under the sun and in any quantity, read on.

I had an opportunity to take this review a little bit further one day when I had to take the car to the shop – you know how in most mechanic places, there’s a little waiting area with a lounge setup with coffee and cookies or whatnot? Well, guess what I discovered in the lounge area-yep you guessed it, this Keurig! So that was when I got to take it for a test-drive! Out of respect for future guests I only helped myself to one cup, but this is a brewer that can give you a heck of a lot of options if you’d like to not have to switch between brewers to get a whole pot or a taller tumbler.

What’s Included?

Your machine also includes a set of 6 2.0 K-cup samplers and 4 K-Carafe pods, a setup guide and 1 Year Warranty. The Keurig K475 does NOT include the black carafe.


Amazon’s sales page quotes 10.4 by 13.6 by 13.4″ and 13.7 lbs for the Keurig K475. On the manufacturer’s website there is a little bit of a discrepancy (but not too much, more like a little more precise) and the measurements given are 10.43″ L by 13.63″ W by 13.45″ H, weight not given.

The clearance space will enable the use a beverage holder (e.g. tumbler like that made for the K-Mug) up to 7″ in height if the drip tray is removed.


The advanced 2.0 technology from the K250 taken a little further in this sleek looking model that comes in 3 different colors. 9 brew sizes, tumbler and carafe compatibility, a low water level indicator, and an energy saver setting. and multiple customization options for various sizes, strengths, beverage types, and time setting. The power cord stows away neatly when not in use and the removable drip tray can be pulled aside for use with the carafe or tumbler (not included)

In addition to standard pods it brews K-Mug tumbler sizes and K-Carafe pot sizes (see Buttons and Controls) These respective pods are larger to accommodate these sizes.

K-Carafe pods are somewhat reminiscent of the hard-to-find VUE pods in that they have that protruding “lip†design, but are somewhat larger (oh, and recyclable too)

Buttons and Controls

In the front is the round brew button and above is your control panel which has a 2.4″ color touchscreen LCD window. The colors can be changed as well. The display window is great; it shows the time, strength setting, brew status and type of beverage as well. You can set the time accordingly (or even choose from digital or analog). The other customization options include:

  • Brew size settings
  • Strength control
  • Language selection
  • High altitude setting
  • Temperature settings

The varied brew size settings extend into K-Cups, K-Mugs (large tumbler size) and K-Carafes.

  • Single brew sizes: 4,6,8,10, and 12
  • Vue: 12,14, and 16
  • K-Mug: 12, 14, 16
  • K-Carafe: 22, 26, and 30


The Keurig K475 has an illuminated reservoir that can be removed for easy filling/refilling,or the flip-top as well. It holds 70 oz which will get an average of 8 cups before the need to refill. You can also use the water filter assembly here to get a better tasting output than the usual tap water. The assembly is a 2.0 and differs from the water filters used in 1.0 models.

keurig k475 review

Ease of Use

Depending on how adept you are with digital devices you will find that this is a coffee maker that will always be one step ahead. When you are selecting a brew size with the larger size pods you’ll want to notice the color and size of the icon on the label – the touchscreen window will show that respective icon. This can help eliminate questions of guesswork.

When you walk through the touchscreen and make your selection(s) it is strictly push to go with the round button in the front below the control panel which will then illuminate. The touchscreen changes to status updates: e.g “Brewing” and “Thank You” in the interim. Size selections are done with the arrow keys right above and below the brew size icon in the middle. The “Strong” option is further down on the window. If you have a common preference you can create a “Favorite” setting which will save some time and the brewer will default to it unless you should change it next go-around.

keurig k475 review

You know how with some units, you have the ability to interrupt a brew cycle in the middle for whatever reason? This is not one of those units. What you select for that session will be a fait accompli. Ironic, in a way, with so much customization. (I guess that is because when you’re going through the touchscreen you have the chance to whittle it down to size, temp, type, etc.)

Always be sure you push that power icon button, don’t “tap” it…even though it’s a touchscreen and all and you can move through the options with ease.

Available Colors

Black, Sandy Pearl, and Vintage Red UPDATE -10/30/19 Found out that the Vintage Red is no longer carried…apologies in advance as I thought this was a nice color.

Compatible Accessories

How is it Different from the K450?

People do ask this from time to time, and here’s my answer: It is not that different. There are 3 important differences that may not stand out right away. One) The Keurig logo on the touchscreen has the more current logo design. Two) The addition of a 12 oz cup size setting, which the K450 lacked, and Three) The K475 has the addition of temperature control which is a really cool feature for those of you who are always at a loss as to getting the temperature just right:

The temp control range is 179 to 198 degrees (F) If you are on the temp control setting you see this range that you can pick from 5 different variations.

This brief video sums this up nicely:

Video Courtesy of Hello 2.0

Keurig K475 Reviews and Ratings

In general, a lot of happy owners cited the quick preheat time, versatility, customizable options, and the carafe/cup interchangeability as the main reasons for being pleased. And being able to choose a tea or hot cocoa setting has been great too; whether just for intermediate family members or social occasions.

A few owners felt like the programmable features were a bit flawed at times; in which there may have been a bit of a learning curve, but overall, it’s a friendly system, and the colors look just as good in real life as the picture.
A number of people are raving about the use of the Perfect Pod reusable filter products which enable them to use their own grounds and save a little money in the process; so a certain amount of flexibility is supported by this edition as well.
One negative I do recall that was expressed in a few reviews was “that chugging sound it makes” How bothersome you may find this is hard to answer; it’s another subjective opinion like taste or temperature.

P.S. I did view a consumer’s video who expressed this comment about noise to see for myself. While I did sorta agree with the “washing machine” remark I did come away with the impression that it passed the performance test otherwise:)

Once again, the whole acceptability of proprietary 2.0 Keurig cups has been a stumbling block for some.  I feel that I would be remiss if I left would-be consumers in for a rude surprise if I did not point out this all-too important issue: The 2.0 series contains a certain digital reading technology that scans the foil lid of the K-cups and “approves†the Keurig licensed only cups; however some people have managed to get around this limitation successfully.

Apparently with a product called the MyClip, one can override this issue. This little purple plastic device can trick the 2.0 sensors so you can put other brands to use if you have stockpiled other brands in the past (so there is certainly no reason to toss them!)


I found a fair number of pricing options to consider within the various listings. In terms of accessories, your expenditures are going to be contingent on your daily beverage habits If you are more interested in making one cup at a time and you also like to use the refillable cups you probably won’t experience a big dent in your wallet. The larger carafe pods tend to cost more overall since the obvious fact that they hold more for greater quantities; so it will depend on whether or not they will be strictly occasional for you or not.

Secondly if you plan on using the carafe regularly which you will need if you plan on using the K-Carafe pods – there is the black carafe which many stores carry, but the stainless steel thermal carafe, which holds the same amount, does cost a little more, however it is much better with retaining hot liquid, so it would be a better idea to go for the thermal carafe over the plastic black one.

As of this recent update (10/19) I observed that the black model had the lowest price, since the red one is showing as unavailable and the second color I like the best (Sandy Pearl) well that one has definitely gone up quite a bit (perhaps due to limited quantities?? wonder if it could be on its way to being out like the red…)

K475 No Longer Available

I hadn’t checked this post for awhile, I make it a practice to periodically check all the brewers on here for availability, and at the time of this update I’m doing now (11/2/22) I’m seeing that the K475 is no longer available and no further mention of replenishing.

However, I don’t want to leave you hanging wit that little bit of bad news…if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far I would have a look at the K450 which is very similar…just be aware the price has jumped up quite a bit, which I suppose, is due to this 2.0 series getting fazed out…is the whole Keurig nomenclature tripping any of you up?


  • Excellent and varied customization options that go above and beyond “just coffee”
  • Options to create and save preferred brew settings which the unit will default to unless changed again by the user which can be a great time saver.
  • The options of being able to brew a tumbler size and whole carafe in addition to the single brew sizes
    The varied auto-shutoff options available letting you determine when to turn off
  • Temperature control adjustment settings with a five-degree threshold to let the consumer change to suit individual tastes easily
  • Strength control lets user get a little stronger brew when/if necessary
  • The K-Mug Vue and K-Carafe pods are recyclable which is a plus.


  • Unable to interrupt a brew cycle in the interim
  • The proprietary use of K-Cups stumbling block…although there are ways to get around this more easily.
  • The autobrew option only works with the K-Carafe.brew settings
  • Standalone carafe is not included; however the consumer also the option to purchase the stainless steel thermal carafe which retains heat better than the one that is included with the K450 model.

keurig k475 reviewVerdict: Is the Keurig K475 Right For You?

Yeah, it does a lot…but is it right for you? It depends. The DRM of the K-Cups does irk some people, but for others it’s more of a case of rolling with the punches. Besides that little bugaboo what can you expect? Great functionality, multitudes of uses (including just plain old hot water for other products) and varied programmable features make this one a real winner.

There is such a big variety of Keurig brand flavors plus their retail availability is getting better, too as time goes by. Plus the option of the reusable cup/carafe options is the biggest boon.

So this is why it gets a 4.2 from me, which is good, great even. Only reason to get its predecessor over this one may be for the carafe but I don’t think that’s the best reason since you can later on get a better quality carafe.

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