Is DeLonghi the Same As Nespresso? (And Other Brands Decoded)

Is DeLonghi the Same As Nespresso? (And Other Brands De-Mystified)

Hey guys…are you ever just a little bit puzzled about various top coffee pod and espresso machine brands?

I mean, here you are looking at a really nice beauty on Amazon and right next to it you see one that looks uncannily like that one-maybe identical, but it’s got a different brand attached to it. Wait, what?

We know how you feel, because we’ve seen it too! OK, now what’s the deal with that -seeing a coffee maker that looks just like the one you just read about but a different brand name? OR…you run into a brewer that has, like two or three different names run together and want to know what that’s about? Well, let’s go there now.

Who is Nespresso?

Besides an awesome single serve espresso company out of Switzerland 🙂 Nespresso is a company that manufacturers single-serve espresso machines – all of them with unique styling and design. They are also the mastermind behind the unique coffee pod capsules system which is patented as well as attractive and varied.

Basically, you see the Nespresso name on brewers because they use exclusively this coffee capsules system.

Because gourmet specialty drinks are Nespresso’s “bread and butter” there is an optional accessory they have created that is sometimes bundled with the brewers -the Aeroccino. This standalone milk frother can be seen in the Pixie C60 bundle. It’s also sold separately; meant to enhance the user experience.

Who is De’Longhi?

De’Longhi is an Italian company that has created a lot of appliances for home use (yep they go back aways) Don’t quote me for sure but that “aways” back could be to the World War II or Depression era. So you know you’re getting something time-tested and reliable. They are the third party that manufactures Nespresso coffee machines.


Strictly put this is the name of the range of Nespresso machines that carry the distinctive feature of an included milk tank. The Lattissima Pro and its smaller cousin the Plus both have this great feature that lets you just detach the container to store unused milk in the fridge and easily clean the parts.

If it helps, for this one -Think of a latte as a gourmet beverage that you must create with milk. “Latte” is woven into the name Lattissima – how’s that for a good mnemonic device ?

Other Brands Explained

And yes,, there are several other brands as well that show up and sport products just like those above. Krups, Magamix and Breville are most likely the brand names you have seen on a Nespresso machine that I have described earlier. Because, the truth is, they ARE the same product. They use the Nespresso capsule system so they get that label too….but yes right on the unit itself you see a different name.

They are actually designed the same-the biggest difference is that there are some exterior appearance differences -esthetically speaking, Krups, Breville and Magamix all create differing designs. But as we know the quality is where the rubber hits the road…does it pass muster? You bet!

Krups is out of Germany and Magamix is a UK based one – not that that’s totally important but those two are more likely sold in the EU as well as North America.

So what is the biggest takeaway? Focus on the product ant not so much the label. The purpose of this post was to clarify some of the whole “who made what” questions you may have been asking.  Which, to be honest, I was asking too!



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