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Single Cup Coffee Makers Comparison 

This chart is comprised of the most popular models today; they are grouped on different features such as water capacity, price range and type of coffee delivery used (K-cup, pod, or combination of both.) I know this chart probably doesn’t look like a work of art but it will let you drill down to different qualifiers of personal importance.

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NOTE: I have made a few changes lately; one thing was to remove all of the discontinued models from the list. So you don’t waste your time reading about models you can’t buy any longer. In 7 years a lot can change with a market!

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Model NameCoffee DeliveryPrice RangeReservoir
Keurig K10 Mini K-CupsUnder $100No reservoir
Keurig Elite K45K-cupsUnder $20048 oz.
Hamilton Beach 2-Way Soft pods/groundsUnder $100Dual reservoirs
Cuisinart SS-700K-CupsUnder $20080 oz
Bunn MCUAll typesUnder $200No reservoir
Keurig Platinum B70K-Cups$200-$30060 oz
Keurig K60/65K-Cups$200-$30060 oz
Keurig 2.0 K250K-CupsUnder $20040 oz
Keurig 2.0 K475K-CupsUnder $20070 oz
Keurig B40K-CupsUnder $20048 oz
Hamilton Beach FlexbrewK-Cups/loose groundsUnder $100Dual reservoirs
Tassimo T20T-DiscsUnder $10051 oz
Cuisinart DCC-3000Loose groundsUnder $200Dual reservoirs
Nespresso PixieNespresso pods$200-$30024 oz
DeLonghi Lattissima ProNespresso pods$300 and up44 oz
Keurig K145 OfficeProK-CupsUnder $20048 oz
EkobrewK-CupsUnder $10024 oz
Touch T214BK-CupsUnder $20080 oz
Mr Coffee KG6K-CupsUnder $10048 oz
Cuisinart SS-5K-CupsUnder $10040 oz
iCoffee DaVinciK-CupsUnder $10055 oz
Keurig K155 ReviewK-Cups$200-$30090 oz
Keurig K575K-CupsUnder $20080 oz
Ninja Coffee Bar Single Serve SystemLoose groundsUnder $10050 oz
Hamilton Beach 49976K-CupsUnder $100Dual reservoirs
Keurig K80 K-SelectK-CupsUnder $200 52 oz
Oxx CoffeeboxxK-Cups$200-$30084.5 oz
Nescafe Dolce Gusto GenioNestle podsUnder $20045 oz
Nespresso Vertuo PlusVertuoline capsules$200-$30040 oz
Nespresso EvoluoVertuoline capsules$200-$30054 oz
De'Longhi Lattissima PlusOriginalline capsules$200-$30030 oz
Cuisinart SS-10K-CupsUnder $20072 oz
Keurig K-EliteK-CupsUnder $20075 oz
Cuisinart SS-15K-cupsUnder $20040 oz (single serve side)
Keurig K55K-cupsUnder $20048 oz
Keurig K-CafeK-cupsUnder $20060 oz
Nespresso InissiaProprietary capsulesUnder $10024 oz
Nespresso Essenza Mini OriginalLine capsulesUnder $10024 oz
Nespresso CitiZ OriginalLine capsulesUnder $20034 oz
Keurig K130 K-CupsUnder $100No reservoir
Senseo XL 7810 Senseo podsUnder $20040.6 oz
Keurig K Duo Loose grounds/k-cupsUnder $20060 oz
Keurig K Compact K-cupsUnder $10036 oz

single cup coffee makers comparisonCoffeemaker Parameters Explained

There are a number of various items for consideration, but I feel that the two below are some of the most important. At the risk of sounding too redundant I focused on the most important criteria below as they have stronger influence on consumers’ long-term satisfaction.

Coffee Delivery

Some models use K-Cups exclusively while others will easily accommodate both K-Cups and soft pods. Also as a rule of thumb if the model accepts K-Cups it will generally accept the refillable “make your own” K-Cups as well. A few models will accept the whole enchilada, such as the Bunn MCU. The individual reviews will go into greater explanation of which delivery systems are accepted.


Some coffeemakers don’t actually have a reservoir to keep water on standby and are strictly a one cup of water in and one cup of coffee out operation. Others have reservoirs of varying capacities; how great an amount of water you want to have on standby really depends on your overall lifestyle habits (like entertaining? multiple coffee drinkers? solo coffee drinkers? etc.)

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