Can You Froth Almond Milk? (Yes! Here’s How)

As a society, we’re finally coming to terms with the fact that cow’s milk is actually meant for calves and not us. It’s all good, though, because there are a number of amazing substitutes out there, one being almond milk.

Can You Froth Almond Milk? (Yes! Here's How)

Dairy diehards try to defend the use of cow milk by declaring its superiority over alternatives. For instance, they may say that almond milk doesn’t froth up for a scrumptious latte or cappuccino, but that’s just plain wrong!

Almond milk froths up a treat, and we’re going to show you how to do it, so you can leave dairy milk to the cow babies out there without missing out on your favorite caffeinated beverages.

Choosing The Right Almond Milk

Okay, so cards on the table, the detractors we mentioned a moment ago aren’t completely incorrect, as some almond milks are too watery to froth up enough for the intricate coffee art we’ve all become accustomed to in recent years.

Dairy milk is full of lactose and fat, so it can be whipped up into a bubbly delight in a matter of minutes, but thin almond milks will give you a few bubbles at best, no matter how long you whip.

Thankfully, though, there are plenty of almond milks out there qualified for the job; you just need to know which ones they are. So, before we get into the process, let’s check out the essentials of a froth-worthy almond milk.

Price Tag

We’re sorry to say, but all you budgeteers out there are going to have to loosen your grip on the old purse strings if you want to achieve a good froth with almond milk.

Cheap almond milk is almost always far too watery to have the desired effect. The manufacturing process doesn’t use nearly enough almonds, and as a result, the fat content is basically non-existent.

Standard Vs Low Calorie

As fat is one of the key contributors to that caffeinated bubble bath we’re all chasing, avoid any low-cal almond milks on the shelves of your local grocery store — They don’t have the oomph you require!


It’s not just fatty almond milk we’re looking for, but protein-filled milk too. High quantities of both nutritional components all but guarantee powerful frothing action!

An Almond Milk Recommendation

If reading the back of every carton of almond milk in the store doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, then simply order some Califia Farms Almond Barista Blend online.

In fact, here’s a little shortcut for you if you are going to pick some up from the store… Any almond milk labeled as a “Barista Blend” will be a dynamite frother.

How To Froth Almond Milk: Step-By-Step Guides

How To Froth Almond Milk: Step-By-Step Guides

Just as there is with cow’s milk, there are a number of ways to froth almond milk.

You can get the job done with nothing but a pan, a whisk, a thermometer, and some elbow grease, or, if you’ve got some sweet coffee tech to hand, you can take it easy whilst producing the most luxurious froth you’ve ever seen.

We’re going to guide you through each method, so you can pick the one that best suits you.

No Specialist Equipment Method

While it’s certainly possible to get a good foam going with a pan and whisk, it’s a lot harder to get it quite as silky and smooth. It’s also easy to overheat your milk when using a stove, which is why we highly recommend picking up a quality thermometer.

Step 1: Grab your barista-grade almond milk and decant some into a small pan before positioning your thermometer.

Step 2: Set a medium heat to warm the milk gradually — Patience is key! Don’t walk off either, as you need to pull the pan from the stove as soon as the milk reaches 150 °F.

Step 3: Whisk like crazy! Quick whisking is essential to create bubbles. It’s exhausting, but keep up the effort until the milk reaches the consistency you’re after. You’re looking at about 2 minutes if you’re using quality almond milk.

Frothing Almond Milk With A Steaming Wand

When you order a bubbly brew at your favorite coffee house and the barista gets to work behind a noisy coffee maker, that sound is the steaming wand, and although it takes some skill to use, it’s a fantastic way to froth almond milk.

Sadly, though, you will need an espresso machine that arrives with a wand and a frothing pitcher in order to give this method a try.

Step 1: Pour the cold milk into the pitcher.

Step 2: Lower your steam wand into the milk at an angle until the head is just below the surface.

Step 3: Turn on and steadily increase the steam output of your wand, holding it near the edge of the pitcher.

Step 4: Next, move the wand in small circles and gently up and down to introduce more air bubbles to the milk.

Step 5: Keep up the wand movement until the bubbles start to shrink while the volume of the milk doubles in size. At this point, you can remove the steam wand and slurp away!

Frothing Almond Milk With A Hand-Held Frother

For a super easy, super quick froth, we’d recommend using a hand-held frother.

Step 1: Pour your cold almond milk into a pitcher or alternative receptacle.

Step 2: Position the head of the frother just below the surface, then activate it for roughly 30 seconds.

Step 3: Move the frother in little circles and then up and down.

Frothing Almond Milk With A Tabletop Frother

Tabletop frothers are the best of the best. They take care of everything while you do absolutely nothing — Woo!

Step 1: Plug it in.

Step 2: Fill the pitcher with cold almond milk to the minimum or maximum line (nowhere in between).

Step 3: Push the power button, and voilà; the frother takes care of business.

Final Thoughts

You needn’t say goodbye to your favorite beverages when you give cow’s milk the boot. Assuming you find the right kind, almond milk is an amazing substitute and froths up like an absolute dream. Give it a go — You won’t be disappointed!

Frothing Almond Milk with a Hand Frother for Lattes & Cappuccinos- Surprising Results!
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