Best Mushroom Coffee

Today, we’re talking about all things mushroom coffee. Now, you may already have been introduced to mushroom coffee, if you’re looking for the best brands.

But for those of you who may have stumbled across it, let’s talk about it in a little more detail.

Best Mushroom Coffee

Now, let’s get rid of all the misconceptions before we begin the comparisons. No, mushroom coffee doesn’t taste overwhelmingly of mushrooms. You won’t have little ‘shrooms floating in your coffee either. Can you imagine?

So what does mushroom coffee taste like? Coffee. It’s really that simple, it’s just coffee blended with a variety of mushrooms. But they don’t really impact the taste. 

Why drink it then? Well, it actually has heaps of health benefits. For example, it has been known to have anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer effects.

It has also been linked to a reduction in the risk of heart disease as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels. It can also boost your immune system. And if that wasn’t enough, it can also help alleviate stress (something we can all do with, right?) as well as nausea too. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these effects can massively differ from person to person. The type of mushrooms, blend, and amount of each mushroom can impact the effectiveness of these health benefits.

But which mushroom coffee is the best? We’ll find out in this article.

Best Mushroom Coffee Options To Try

Organic Ryze Mushroom CoffeeOrganic Ryze Mushroom CoffeeBlack & Decker Brew N' Go Coffeemaker

Best Overall – Organic Ryze Mushroom Coffee

Of all the mushroom coffees we’ve sampled, and that is quite a lot, Ryze’s option is by far the best one yet. And if you are struggling with the constant stress that life seems to love to throw our way, then you need to purchase this coffee right this instant.

This delicious coffee blend incorporates 100% organic adaptogenic mushrooms along with a whole host of other ingredients which are all specifically designed to help melt away the stress and tension in your body.

Ryze has really gone the extra mile when it comes to the vast variety of mushrooms you’ll find in the blend too.

There is every single type of mushroom that you could possibly ask for, and that is unheard of compared to most other brands on the market. King Trumpet, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, and Shiitake mushrooms all make an appearance in this delightful concoction. 

And with this many mushrooms in the blend, you can expect to see some great health benefits.

Not only will it replace all that stress, but it will bring clarity and calmness to your thoughts, it’ll aid focus, and give you that burst of energy to get through the day ahead. Not only this but it is also linked to improving gut health and your immune system. 

Then there’s the actual taste of the coffee itself. Let me tell you, this will have you jumping out of bed on a Monday morning the second that your alarm sounds.

It’s so smooth, creamy, and potent (of coffee, not mushrooms, don’t worry.) Plus, you get all the benefits of a cup of coffee with only half the caffeine so you won’t have the jitters all day. 

What more could you ask for? 

PureShrooms Ground CoffeePureShrooms Ground CoffeePureShrooms Ground Coffee

Best Ground Mushroom Coffee – PureShrooms Ground Coffee

This option is perfect for our French press fanatics amongst us. This blend is 100% organic and is finely ground so that it works perfectly for a French press, though it works well for drop coffee and pour-over coffee too.

And it’s a great option for those with more restrictive diets too. The blend contains absolutely no fillers whatsoever. It is non-GMO, is both kosher and vegan, and is gluten-free too. This makes it a really great option for pretty much anyone regardless of their dietary requirements or morals.

This coffee also tastes fantastic. It is rich and super smooth and perfectly balanced too. It has a fruity body to it that will have you wanting to down the drink in one.

It also promotes a healthy and calm mind and keeps you focused and energized since the blend contains around three times more Chaga mushroom extract than most typical brands. 

Sipping at this delicious coffee won’t just set you up for the day though, it will also help to boost your immune system and hopefully keep any nasty illnesses at bay, as well as reduce stress. Plus, it’s also fair trade so it’s ethically a good choice too. 

Four Sigmatic Coffee PodsFour Sigmatic Coffee PodsFour Sigmatic Coffee Pods

Best Mushroom Coffee Pod – Four Sigmatic Coffee Pods

Everybody loves coffee pods, right? They’re so quick and convenient and those are very important qualities for coffee to have, especially when you’re making it in your post-wake-up haze.

Well, Four Signmatic is definitely the brand to choose if you’re looking for high-quality and well-reviewed mushroom coffee pods. These pods are Keurig-compatible with both 1.0 and 2.0 brewing systems so they should work well for most machines.

The pods are also recyclable and we love any environmentally friendly option. Since they’re also fair trade they’re a great option from an ethical standpoint too.  

This coffee is made with a blend of both Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, both of which have many great benefits for your mind and body.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms are linked to a boost in creativity and productivity so it’ll be the perfect beverage option while you’re working. There’s also no mid-afternoon crash to be expected with this coffee blend which is always a bonus. 

In terms of taste, this coffee is fruity-bodied, full-bodied, and super smooth. It’s also organic too.

This coffee, however, can be a little strong, so it is recommended that you add a drop of almond milk (though you could add any milk you prefer) as well as a drop of sweetener as this will massively enhance the flavor. 

Alpine Start Instant CoffeeAlpine Start Instant CoffeeAlpine Start Instant Coffee

Best Instant Mushroom Coffee – Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is another variety of coffee that most individuals adore for its ease of making. Instant is right there in the name – and there’s nothing better than instantly getting your fix of coffee.

And this mushroom instant coffee is a fantastic pick. It’s 100% organic and produces a really rich and smooth coffee that is blended with both Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms.

It incorporates dark roasted Arabica coffee beans that were grown in Southern Mexico – so you can assure the quality will be absolutely amazing. 

It has the perfect amount of caffeine in it too (110 mg) which wakes you up enough to feel like you can tackle all that is in front of you for the day but won’t give you those uncomfortable jitters that often come with a regular cup of joe. You’ll have optimal mental activity and focus all day long!

This blend I would definitely recommend to anxiety sufferers. Anxiety can be debilitating but thanks to an ingredient present in this blend called L-theanine, you can help to manage and reduce the symptoms that come with anxiety. It’ll also just generally boost your mood.

GanoOne Instant Black CoffeeGanoOne Instant Black CoffeeGanoOne Instant Black Coffee

Best Budget Mushroom Coffee – GanoOne Instant Black Coffee

While mushroom coffee is unarguably an amazing choice, it can sometimes get a little pricey. But never fear, those sticking to a stricter budget need not miss out on the health benefits that come from this immune-boosting beverage.

This breakfast blend is the perfect way to start your morning without breaking the bank. It creates a smooth and fairly mild instant mushroom coffee that states it can help to boost your body’s natural defenses by improving your mindset, metabolism, and sleep quality.

However, it does only contain one type of mushroom – Reishi. It also doesn’t implicitly state whether or not the blend is 100% organic or not. However, considering the price difference, it’s a sacrifice worth making if you’re trying to save the pennies.

Also, you don’t have to worry too much about the brand considering that it has already won seven separate quality certifications. It’s definitely a brand that you can trust. Plus, it tastes absolutely amazing.

Mushroom Coffee Buyers Guide

When it comes to purchasing mushroom coffee, deciding which brand or blend to opt for can be a little confusing, to say the least.

It’s actually quite a saturated market out there and it’ll only take a quick search on Amazon to notice just how many choices you have. And knowing which one will be the right one for you can be hard to determine. 

So, let’s make that all a little easier for you. I’ll preface this by saying there are no right or wrong answers – coffee is one of those items completely centered around personal preference.

In the same way that some people prefer their coffee strong, black, and sugarless while others prefer theirs super sweet with adding syrups or sugars, there might be a mushroom coffee that we adore that’s not quite right for you or vice versa. 

But generally, when it comes to selecting the right mushroom coffee for you, there are a few features that you’ll want to look out for. Let’s discuss them in a little more detail now.

1. The Mushrooms Included In The Blend

Okay, so, each mushroom coffee will use a varying variety of different mushrooms. No two blends will be exactly the same, so you’ll want to consider what you want to get from your mushrooms in terms of their benefits and then opt for a coffee using those types of mushrooms in their blend.

Mushrooms typically fall into three different categories:

  1. Functional Mushrooms – These are what typically go into most mushroom blends. Essentially they are mushrooms that have some kind of function – meaning they benefit our bodies or minds in some way. They are categorized as either adaptogenic mushrooms or medicinal mushrooms.
  2. Medicinal Mushrooms – A medicinal mushroom has some kind of medicinal effect or property. For example, it may be anti-inflammatory or something similar.
  3. Adaptogenic Mushrooms – These are mushrooms that typically affect the mind such as aiding stress relief.

Now, five common mushrooms are usually used in mushroom coffee. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each different variety so you can get an idea of which types are the best fit for you.

  1. Chaga Mushrooms – Think of these as health-boosting mushrooms. They will typically improve your overall health as well as your immune system. Chaga mushrooms are linked to lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol, alleviating nausea, and potentially helping to treat some varieties of cancer. These properties can be activated by hot or cold brewing.
  2. Cordyceps Mushrooms – You should view these mushrooms as exercise enhancers. They are linked to improving oxygen use in the body which means that you shouldn’t get out of breath so quickly. They are also linked to relieving chronic fatigue since they contain antioxidants, as well as reducing inflammation, and inhibiting cancer cell growth. They can even help with anti-aging. Yes, please!
  3. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms – Lion’s Mane mushrooms are essentially brain boosters. They are linked to helping reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, dementia, and other similar issues. However, there is evidence that they also help treat stomach ulcers, certain cancers, and heart disease too.
  4. Reishi Mushrooms – These mushrooms tackle matters of the heart by treating your quality of life. How? By reducing fatigue levels, inflammation, and also lowering symptoms of depression.
  5. Turkey Tail Mushrooms – These are best if you’re looking for a helping hand with your gut health. They massively improve this issue along with helping you boost your immune system. This is because Turkey Tail mushrooms contain prebiotics, phenol, and flavonoid antioxidants too.

2. The Type Of Coffee You Prefer

Mushroom coffee comes in a ton of different varieties as you’ve already seen from the reviewed products. You’ll want to select the option that is closest to your favorite type of regular coffee.

For example, some people will only drink from a French press, some like instant coffee that is ready in seconds, and some want that stronger coffee that really only comes from a coffee machine.

You can get coffee that will work for your preferred method, and you’ll want to do exactly that. There’s no point, for example, in grabbing coffee pods if you don’t have a machine. You also don’t want to opt for a rich dark-roast black coffee blend if you prefer a milder taste.

Keep this in mind when selecting your choice. Mushroom coffee is as widely available in all forms as regular coffee, so you shouldn’t struggle to find the best option for you.

3. Organic Vs Non-Organic Coffee Blends

Another thing you’ll want to look out for is whether or not the specific brand and blend of mushroom coffee are organic or not. More often than not, it will be 100% organic, including both the beans and mushrooms that are used.

However, not every option will be. Where possible, it is best to avoid non-organic brands because they may include pesticides that have been used to grow the mushrooms. When the blend is non-organic, it can contain fewer nutrients and medicinal benefits.

Of course, this isn’t a necessary requirement, but it is the best practice to always opt for organic coffee as a general rule.

4. Dietary Requirements

The last thing to consider when choosing your coffee is the ingredients that are used to create it. Many options are vegan-friendly, kosher-friendly, and non-GMO, amongst other things. But not all of them will be.

If you have specific dietary requirements, you should always further investigate the product to ensure that it is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mushroom Coffee Taste Of Mushrooms?

No. Mushroom coffee tastes very similar to regular coffee, more often than not it is actually quite hard to tell the difference. The mushrooms can give the coffee an almost earthy taste but this is not unusual in most varieties of coffee.

How Often Can You Drink Mushroom Coffee?

The FDA states that around 400 milligrams of caffeine are safe to consume per day. Depending on the amount of caffeine in each brand of mushroom coffee, the number of cups you can drink will vary. But typically this equates to around 3 cups of the stuff per day.

What’s Actually In Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is made up of blends of regular coffee and functional mushrooms. The type of mushrooms included can vary depending on the type of mushroom coffee you purchase.

Does Mushroom Coffee Affect Hormones?

Yes, they can. But in a good way. You see, there are adaptogens present in mushroom coffee that are known to help regulate the hormones within the body. This is one of the ways how this type of coffee can help to reduce stress levels.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Mushroom Coffee?

Like any caffeinated beverage, you can expect to feel some mild side effects. Some of these could include headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, or restlessness.

However, it’s good to keep in mind that mushroom coffee often contains much less caffeine than the regular kind. So these symptoms should be less severe.

Top 5 Best Mushroom Coffees

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