Keurig K Express Review

Keurig K-Express (and Essentials Version Too)

So now I am going to talk about the Keurig K Express in this review. This will be my first in awhile. As I try to get caught up on what is going on now in the world of Keurigs in the 2020s decade, I’m seeing the 2.0 getting fazed out in favor of simplicity and sleekness as well as the burden of the “proprietary pods”.

This model, I’m happy to say, while it’s only been out about a year, seems to be popular and well-recieved. Over eight thousand as of today’s date as I note this. Could this be just a honeymoon stage? We shall see. But for now, I will tell you all I found out in this little gem.


A slim-looking coffeemaker, especially from the front view. It’s got a “strong brew” setting – great if you enjoy that little extra.


The dimensions: 12.6″ in height – fairly small (17.2″ when fully opened)

Wide – 5.1″ inches, and 12.8″ depth.

If you remove the drip tray, you will be able to place a cup that is up to 7″ in height under it. It’s got a 27.5″ power cord.

What’s Included

I believe you will also receive a water filter kit with this. Of course, there’s the quick start guide and 1 year warranty.


It’s got a 42 ounce water tank. A nice, mid-range size that could last all day as needed. I think you could get roughly 2-4 cups per day from that amount. The water tank is mostly visible from the side and back.

Drip Tray

The drip tray pulls out so you can easily fit in a tumbler/to-go cup.

Buttons and Controls

The buttons are positioned in the right corner. The include the 3 different brew sizes, the strong brew setting and power on/off. The 3 different brew sizes are 8, 10, and 12. Indicator lights (blue) include “Add water” and “Descale”

The Essentials Version

If you saw a similar version to this in different colors, chances are you saw the Essentials version. When I was over at Walmart, I caught sight of this model, and as you can see there’s a nice vintage red and a turquoise version. Upon closer inspection, I found out this is the “Essentials” version. As you can see below, it is a little more linear-shaped. I actually like it better.

keurig k express essentials review
keurig k express essentials

Seems strong when I open and close the brew chamber…As you can see, it’s got a matte look, no glossy or chrome look details. The buttons on the front are soft and integrated into the front.

I put together a chart below to show the major differences in the two:

K-ExpressK-Express Essentials
Comes in BlackComes in Black, White, Turquoise and Red
Buttons located on side cornerButtons located on front
Brew sizes: 8,10 & 12Brew sizes: 6,8, & 10
42 oz reservoir36 oz reservoir
Dimensions: 12.6″ ht x 5.1″ w x 12.8″ dDimensions: 11.3″ ht x 6.5″ w x 12.2″ d

keurig k express reviewKeurig K-Express Consumer Reviews and Ratings

Highly positive, in my opinion. Quite unusual for a brewer that has only been out for a year and the overall rating seemed quite high…All of the favorable comments I saw cited things like “great size” (it proved ideal for off-roading, camping, dorm room use, offices and kitchenettes. Most people almost unanimously thought the temperature was adequate, and this is always an iffy piece of criteria when it comes to ranking different brewer models.

Most people who used the strong brew setting liked and preferred the taste when compared to “regular”. Especially for the tea drinkers out there (I know that’s important)

With regard to things people did not like, one thing: Remarks made about the missing water filter kit – an oversight, no doubt, but not enough to knock off points regarding performance. The biggest problem as I see it, is the number of complaints made about how the refillable k-cups they used did not fit. Now not everyone cited the actual brand of these that they used, which made it hard to evaluate whether or not this is a major deal-breaker, but I did come away thinking you had to use the proprietary name (My K-Cup) to ensure success.

A few comments were made that the buttons were “weirdly placed” (I agree – the corner is a strange spot for those) I don’t know if this was done to keep the design as compact as possible, or a flaw in execution.


  • Good size
  • Compact
  • Has a strong brew setting
  • Accommodates tumblers


  • A smattering of great reviews, is it too early to tell?
  • Some people felt that various refillable k-cups did not fit well

If you want a different color other than black, you will have to get one of the “Essentials”, and currently, only Walmart is carrying it.


It’s under $100 at this time, which I think is reasonable. When you factor in its size and ability to do what it does.


I like it (actually I prefer the Essentials one since I’d want that red one). It would be a good choice for living in a dorm or taking on camping trips. Also a small kitchen/kitchenette.

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